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Full Compensation For Drunk Driving Accidents

All he had to do was call a cab. She could have gotten a ride with the designated driver. You have every right to be angry if you or a loved one was hurt by a drunk driver. It may be the most selfish and reckless act one can commit.

But your justifiable reason cannot make you whole again. It cannot provide you with the financial resources your family needs, and it cannot provide you with the medical care and rehabilitation that will get you back on your feet. To make things right after a car accident, you need a lawyer.

Hit By A Drunk Driver? You Have Come To The Right Place.

At David & Associates, we focus on making sure that the victims of drunk driving accidents get help with every aspect of the aftermath. From ensuring you see a doctor to dealing with the property damage aspect of the case, we will make sure you have what you need and are not left to fight a losing battle with an insurance company that is interested in everything but doing the right thing.

Why Is Drunk Driving Important In Personal Injury Cases?

The majority of personal injury cases never make it to trial, but the anticipated reaction of a jury can go a long way toward strengthening a victim’s hand at the negotiating table. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that people cannot stand drunk drivers and the damage they cause.

The presence of drunk driving could also lead to a dram shop claim that seeks compensation from a bar, restaurant or other establishment that overserved a drunk driver.

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The best way to move forward after a drunk driving accident is to make sure you get the compensation you need for your lost earnings, medical costs, and anguish you have gone through. Contact us today for a free consultation. Call 910-338-9490. If our attorneys do not collect for you, there will be no fees.

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