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Compensation after a semitruck crash must address all damages

The impacts of a semitruck wreck on your life are considerable. One area that is usually hit very hard is your finances. This is because you might have an increase in medical care expenses at a time when you aren't able to work. Add in the property damage and costs to cover that if the insurance isn't footing the entire bill and your situation might be dire. We are here to help you address these matters.

You have the option of seeking compensation for the injuries you suffered. This is done by filing a legal claim in the civil court system. One of the most important things that you have to do when you file the case is to ensure that you are naming the appropriate defendants. There might be more than one, but you have to look at the specifics of the case to determine who should be named here.

Road construction zones are hazardous for workers

Road construction zones are very dangerous areas for the workers, partially because of the vehicles zipping around them on the roads. This is why there are usually reduced speed limits when these workers are out. Even though it might seem like cars are the largest hazard, they actually come in second on the list of causes of fatalities.

When any driver goes through a work zone, they must be extra cautious. All the workers in the area must also use proper safety rules to ensure that they are keeping themselves and others out of harm's way. Here are some of the most common accident types that can be fatal for these laborers:

Safety has to be a priority for all truckers

There are many hazards that a semitruck driver has to contend with during a haul. These can be complicated, but truckers who have experience and are paying attention might be able to avoid crashing into other vehicles. Unfortunately, not all truckers stay focused on their driving duties.

All truckers should abide by some very simple tips to help them keep others safe. Some of these also apply to other drivers. Looking into these factors might help people who are injured in these crashes to determine the cause, so they can name it in their claim for compensation.

Fight for the workers' compensation benefits due to you

All injuries that happen at work have the propensity to alter your life forever. The more serious the injuries, the more likely they are to have drastic impacts on how you live. One thing that you have to think about in these cases is that you will have medical bills that need to be paid but you shouldn't be the one who has to cover these if the accident happened at work.

Workers' compensation coverage will cover these bills. You will have to report your injury and take the necessary steps to get your benefits, but they can help dramatically. Be sure that you find out about any limitations or requirements for the medical care that you need. We can help you with this aspect of workers' compensation petitions if you feel you aren't getting the care you deserve.

Driving close to home? You might be at risk of a crash

Even the safest driver might be involved in an accident at some point. This is because everyone on the road can be impacted by every other vehicle operator who is out at the same time. One person who is distracted or driving in an unsafe manner can cause crashes that injure or kill others.

There are some conditions that are more dangerous than others. Anyone who is going to venture out needs to be aware of these few things.

Safety regulations are lagging for semitrucks

Semitruck crashes can be very serious for the occupants of the vehicles they slam into. One particular type of crash, a rear-end crash, is particularly problematic. These crashes often come when a trucker doesn't realize that the other vehicles have stopped.

One troublesome fact to consider is that these accidents could be prevented or reduced in severity with the inclusion of a forward crash warning and mitigation system; however, profit seems to be placed above safety. While the personal vehicle industry says that these systems will be standard on all vehicles sold starting in 2022, there isn't any promise of this sort from the manufacturers of semitrucks.

Know what you're entitled to through workers' compensation

Workers who are injured at work might go through a host of emotions due to their injuries. It is hard for a lot of them to accept that they can't work right now. They might need the money to get their bills paid and might not want to have to accept help from others. These individuals should remember that workers' compensation might be able to help them.

The workers' compensation program is an insurance that is paid for by employers as part of normal operating costs. There isn't any good reason why the employee who is injured while working shouldn't take advantage of this insurance.

Serious injuries can come from crushing accidents

Construction and industrial workers are at risk of some very serious injuries, including being crushed. Crushing injuries, which are caused by a variety of accidents, are one of the four most common ones that lead to fatalities.

The issue with crushing injuries is that they can lead to catastrophic damage of the affected body parts. This could include internal injuries, amputations and other injuries. Here are some important points to know about crushing incidents at work:

Neck pain and stiffness can signal an injury after a wreck

Many different injuries can stem from a car crash. One that is possible is a neck injury. Oftentimes, a person who is involved in this type of accident will end up with whiplash or a strained neck. There are a few misconceptions out there about this issue.

One thing that you need to know if you think you have whiplash is that you might not realize it right away. This injury usually isn't noticeable right away. Instead, it will be at least a day, possibly longer, before you start to feel the pain and stiffness in your neck.

Intersections pose significant risk to motorists in NC

Many people assume that highways are the most dangerous place to travel. After all, you drive on highways at much higher speeds than you use on surface streets. More importantly, surface streets are likely not as packed with vehicles as a freeway or Interstate may be during rush hour.

The truth is that speed is dangerous, but it is not the only risk factor. Driving on surface streets means that you will have to go through a large number of intersection. The point where two or more roads cross with one another is actually one of the most dangerous places to be on the road.

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