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Distracted driving: 2nd most common crash caused by driver error

Distracted driving is a big problem in North Carolina. In fact, it is the second leading cause of crashes caused by driver error. It accounts for 19.7% of these crashes. Only speeding, which leads to 33.3% of these crashes, ranks above it.

Because of the prevalence of distracted driving crashes in this state, there are specific laws that address the problem. For example, all drivers are forbidden from emailing or texting while they drive. Failing to obey this law can lead to a $100 fine on a first offense. Drivers who are under 18 can't even use the hands-free options that are available.

Speeding can lead to catastrophic crashes

Staying safe on the roadways takes a driver's full attention. Some might not realize that aggressive driving is something that can lead to crashes. One behavior that people must be careful about is speeding. Driving too fast for the current road conditions is never acceptable.

When speed limits are set for roads, they are based on what speeds are safe when the conditions are optimal. It is never a good idea to drive faster than that or to try to reach those speeds when the weather isn't the best.

Caregivers often face hidden challenges

Having a family member who has a catastrophic injury changes the entire family dynamic. The healthy adult, such as a spouse or parent, will have to care for the person. While many people, understandably, focus on the health of the injury victim, the caregiver also needs to think about themselves.

It is often hard for the caregiver to focus on what they need because they spend so much time caring for their loved one. This is a labor of love, but it can be downright difficult to get everything done.

Housekeepers face specific risks during regular tasks

Hotel staff members play an important role in Wilmington's booming travel industry, but they face several risks as they go about their daily duties. It is up to each hotel to implement a safety plan that puts workers' needs first. Relaying the protocol during training and again throughout the course of employment can help to ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible.

One of the most grueling job duties in the hospitality industry is housekeeping. These individuals face some very real hazards that can become critical. Even though this is a competitive industry, there is never an excuse to put guest comfort before employee safety.

Beware of drunk drivers this holiday season

Now that the holiday season is here, anyone on the road needs to ensure that they are aware of the signs of a drunk driver. If you spot someone who you suspect is driving under the influence of alcohol, try to stay away from them. This might be challenging; however, it could help you remain safe on the road.

There are several signs that a driver might be impaired. These include behaviors like swerving between lanes, driving off the road, stopping in the middle of the traffic lane, failing to obey traffic signals or tailgating. Some impaired drivers won't turn their headlights on once it gets dark outside. Others might straddle the centerline, accelerate quickly, drive too fast or too slowly and drive against traffic. All of these behaviors are dangerous and put innocent people in danger of being struck.

Try to avoid the blind spots around commercial trucks for safety

Commercial trucks are several times taller, longer and heavier than even the largest passenger vehicles on the road. That means that they create unique concerns for the people driving them. Commercial truck drivers have to go through special educational programs to safely manage large commercial trucks, and standard driving school usually includes lessons on sharing the road safely.

As someone in a passenger vehicle, you want to avoid getting into a collision with a commercial truck, as their size makes it highly likely that you will suffer devastating injuries or catastrophic property damage. Knowing how to stay out of the big blind spots around a commercial truck can help keep you safe.

Office workers have risks of injuries occurring

People typically assume that working in an office setting is pretty safe. While it is true that these workers don't have a lot of the same hazards as construction workers or others who have manual labor to handle, there are still some risks that office workers face that must be addressed.

Even in an office, there is sometimes lifting that must be done. This might be picking up a case of paper or other office supplies. In order to do this safely, you have to ensure that the object isn't too heavy to lift alone. If it is heavy or bulky, you should get someone else in the office to help you lift it.

Motorcyclists should remain safe when riding in winter

People who ride motorcycles understand that safety must remain a priority while they are on the roads. It is imperative that they don't do things that might lead to them having accidents, but bikers can't control every potential hazard that they face. Other drivers are a huge risk for people who are on motorcycles.

The weather here lately hasn't been conducive to riding, but that doesn't mean that motorcycle enthusiasts are staying off the roads. Some choose to ride even though it is colder than normal, and they might also decide to head out when wintry precipitation is expected. For this reason, all drivers must ensure they remain vigilant as they traverse the state.

Seat belts can cause injuries in some car crashes

Most people know that wearing a seat belt is the law, but what they might not realize is that there is a chance that this life-saving feature could cause injuries. The seat belt stops your body from flying around the vehicle, and possibly out of it, if there is a crash.

Occupants of vehicles have to realize that the benefits of wearing a seat belt far outweigh the hazards of not wearing one. The risk of having it on comes from the impact of your body pushing against it when the vehicle comes to an abrupt stop.

What must manual laborers know about work-related back injuries?

Manual labor takes a toll on the body. Workers in the construction industry, those who have a warehouse position, and individuals in similar positions are at risk of a back injury. Around 30% of construction workers suffer from an injury to the back or spine that requires them to miss work.

To minimize the chance of construction workers and other laborers suffering from these injuries, employers and employees need at least a basic understanding of what can lead to them. Setting protocol to keep the risks minimal is imperative for all companies that have workers who might suffer injuries.

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