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Speed limits aren't merely suggestions on roadways

Speed limits on roadways are set based on what is safe for the road and the conditions of it on a dry day. As the name implies, they are the top speed that should be used on the road. Unfortunately, many people think of them as the lowest speed they should go. This poses a hazard to everyone on the road because a driver who is operating a vehicle at a faster speed than what is safe can cause a serious accident.

Typically, speed limits are set lower in the city. This is because there are more hazards, such as pedestrians and other vehicles, that are likely to be on the road. It is also because you are more likely to stop in the city due to traffic signals and stop signs. It takes longer to stop a vehicle that is going highway speeds than one that is going city speeds.

Work-related injuries can be devastating for entire families

People who have physically demanding jobs should expect that employers will take steps to ensure that their job duties can be done as safely as possible. There are some hazards that are very obvious for many jobs, and simply ignoring those isn't something that any employer should ever do. We understand that workers never think that they will suffer an injury so bad that it will force them to take time off work. When this does happen, it is shocking for a few reasons.

One thing that happens in these cases is that the worker might need medical care. This can be costly, but they might worry about how they will cover it. The good news about this is that workers' compensation is here to help. This program covers the medical care needed to address the work-related injury.

Coming into town to head out on the water? Watch out!

Your goal is to make sure you get to spend your time off doing the things you love. That means spending time on the road, and taking your boat to your local marina and dock in Wilmington. Sometimes, that means heading out of state to new areas to find a launch point.

The trouble with bringing your boat in from out of the area is is that others may not be safe around your vehicle. When you're driving, you'll need more space and more time to stop. Much like a truck, having a trailer makes it more difficult to maneuver your vehicle when it's necessary.

Motorcycle crashes can lead to financial ruin

The call of the open road can't be ignored by avid motorcyclists. It is up to everyone who shares the road with those vehicles to ensure that they are watching for them so that they don't cause an accident that has the ability to kill or seriously injure the person on the motorcycle.

We know that it is a tragic day when a motorcyclist is struck. Even when the motorcyclist lives, they are likely going to have long-term effects from the accident. This might be due to a head or spinal cord injury, depending on what happened in the crash.

What should workers know about chemical burns?

Many job duties involve using chemicals. When you are doing this type of job, you must follow proper safety protocol. However, not everyone is trained to do this nor are all workers given the protective equipment that they need to remain safe.

When a worker is injured while using a chemical, it could lead to a chemical burn. These can be serious injuries that take considerable time to heal. They can be caused by bases or acids, so proper precautions are necessary no matter what type of substance is being used.

Injured at work? Workers' compensation can help

Being injured at work is the start of a nightmare for some people. There is a chance that you might be unable to return to work right away. Plus, the cost of medical care that you need might seem prohibitive. People who are injured on the job have the option of filing for workers' compensation coverage. This program covers the cost of medical care, but it can also help in other ways.

Workers' compensation coverage can replace some of the wages you would have earned if you hadn't been injured. This is meant for prolonged periods off work, so you won't receive a check if the time you have to spend off doesn't meet the requirements. Additionally, you won't have your entire check replaced. Instead, only a portion of your normal wages is covered. Even though this is the case, the money you'd get could still help you cover basic expenses until you are able to return to work.

Rear-end crashes can often be prevented

One of the most common types of car crashes is the rear-end accident. While it is possible that these might occur at high speeds, they are more likely to happen at low speeds. You might think that this means that the victims won't have to worry about serious injuries, but that isn't at all the case. There are many injuries that can impact these innocent people greatly. One of these is whiplash, which can lead to debilitating pain and lack of range of motion.

It isn't always easy to avoid these accidents. Most drivers will watch what is going on in front of them more than they watch behind. This means that if someone comes up behind your vehicle, you might not know it. You might not be able to take any evasive actions to stop the crash. Of course, you could seek compensation if the other driver was at fault when they struck you. In most cases, the driver in the rear is the one who should be held liable.

Semitruck crashes often necessitate urgent medical care

Anyone who is on the interstates should ensure that they are driving safely. Not only are these roads likely to have considerable traffic, but the speed of vehicles also makes this a dangerous location to drive. There are also semitrucks, which can further increase the danger for people who are in passenger vehicles. It is easy to understand why this is a dangerous situation. Those semitrucks are large and heavy, especially when they are carrying a fully loaded trailer.

Many different factors can lead a semitruck to slam into another vehicle. This can be because of actions the trucker takes, things other drivers do, or issues with the truck or load. It is imperative that the individuals who operate these big rigs know how to handle a variety of situations so they can avoid slamming into innocent people.

You can avoid these common auto accidents

If you are like many other drivers in Wilmington, you have probably had a close call or two at Oleander and South College Road. And, if you haven't actually had a car wreck yet, it is most likely only a matter of time before you become involved in a collision. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce your chances of becoming a car accident victim.

One of the best ways to avoid a car wreck is to understand some of the most common causes. Here are four common types of car accidents and ways you can avoid them.

Manufacturing plant employees face daily dangers at work

People who work in the manufacturing industry often have serious hazards around them as a regular part of their job duties. Companies must ensure that their employees have the proper safety tools and procedures in place to help reduce the risks that come with these hazards. Unfortunately, not all do, and it is the workers who suffer when there are work-related accidents.

One of the most significant hazards that these workers have to face is the moving machinery that they work around. There is a chance that body parts or clothing might become caught in the moving components. This can lead to crushing injuries, lacerations and amputations. It is imperative that workers who operate these machines are properly trained on the safety guidelines for them. Nobody who is around machinery with moving parts should wear loose clothing, have unsecured hair or wear jewelry.

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