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What to do if you see a drunk driver

Have you ever been driving across Wilmington and seen another driver behaving oddly? Maybe he is driving at night without his lights on or perhaps he is drifting a little too close to the edge of the lane.

If you are like many other drivers in the area, you have probably seen such a driver and taken evasive action to avoid a potential collision. In some cases, the driver might simply be distracted, which can be extremely dangerous.

Trucking crash causes determine liability

Semitrucks provide a valuable service to businesses and consumers, but this doesn't come without a serious risk. The size of these trucks and the weight mean that they are potentially deadly weapons that are moving about freely on the interstates. If you are struck by a semitruck on the interstate, you should determine whether you need to seek compensation or not. By seeking compensation, you are trying to shift the financial difficult to the liable party.

Accidents with semitrucks are a bit different from some other vehicles. One of the primary tasks you will have in these cases is trying to determine what happened that led to the wreck. Depending on the answer to this can clue you into who you can hold liable for the wreck.

Common risks that daycare workers face

Daycare workers have an important job of trying to help young children to remain safe and learn while they are away from their parents. Unfortunately, there are many hazards that come along with this very rewarding job. It is imperative that all daycares have adequate safety protocol to help ensure that workers don't suffer unnecessary injuries or illnesses as a result of caring for the tykes.

The age of the children employees are working with has a part in what type of safety procedures a daycare's workers need to follow. For example, wearing gloves when they are changing diapers and then washing their hands afterward can help to prevent illnesses from being transmitted from toddlers to workers. People who have older children might not have to worry about that factor.

Safety tips all businesses can use

Keeping a workplace clean and tidy is important for worker health and safety. Employers must ensure that they have set standards for cleanliness, especially if there are hazardous substances or conditions. The rules and guidelines that are set have to be clear, but the employer also has to provide the tools necessary to get the job done.

Not everything that helps to keep the workplace clean is the responsibility of the employees. Employers have some duties that only they can do. This includes replacing damaged flooring and adding non-slip options to areas that are likely to be slippery.

Spinal cord injury classifications are important

Spinal cord injuries can impact the victim in a variety of ways. It is imperative that anyone who has this type of injury understands the specifics of their injury so that they can prepare for what is to come. Many things can impact the way that the injury impacts your life after the accident. Some of these include the initial injury, the loss of oxygen and the spinal shock that occurs.

One classification of spinal cord injuries can be a good indicator of what might be possible as far as healing goes. There are two classifications that are possible – incomplete and complete. In most cases, an incomplete injury is going to fare better than complete injury.

Shifting loads can lead to significant accidents

Many hazards come with driving a semitruck. One major hazard that many people might not think about, however, is having a semi's load suddenly shift.

The fact of the matter is that cargo shifting is one of the leading causes of big rig accidents. Some of these might not involve other vehicles, but it can be fatal when they do.

Nurses face some unique risks at work

Nurses have very specific risks that must be controlled so that they don't suffer injuries that can keep them away from work. Unfortunately, the injuries that a nurse can face may have significant impacts on their life. It is necessary for these professionals to try to minimize dangers inherent to their occupations, but the full burden doesn't fall on them. The employer has to be the one who ensures that the nursing staff has what they need to stay safe.

There are many ways that this can happen. Having a comprehensive plan in place can help to protect the nurses who have pledged to care for others. The exact methods depend on factors present in the workplace, including the type of facility. Doctors' offices would require different precautions than hospitals.

High school student dies in tragic auto collision

A Clayton High School student was crossing the road in that town last Thursday when he was fatally struck by a car. The 18-year-old young man was on his way to school at the time of the accident.

The student will be dearly missed by the community, as indicated by heartfelt statements left by his coworkers at Venero's Pizzeria, where he worked six days a week. The restaurant issued a statement in his memory that said, "He always came in ready to work and willing to help anyone who needed it ... His big heart and presence will be missed. Our hearts go out to his family and friends."

Evaluate financial damages for your compensation claim

One of the most difficult things to do after a car wreck is come to the realization that you aren't going right back to work. This is a hard position for anyone, but it is one that might be necessary so that you can heal properly after the injuries you suffered. Not only do you feel like you are letting down your employer, but you might also be wondering how you are going to be able to pay your bills.

One option that you have in these cases is to seek compensation for the financial damages that you suffered. The medical care costs you have might be one of the largest amounts that you have to get covered, but don't discount other options like the missed wages and similar expenses.

What electrical hazards are present at work sites?

Anyone who works around electricity needs to ensure that they are being safe. Electrocution is a life-threatening emergency, so the risk must be minimized as much as possible. While it is easy to think that workers should be the ones to do this, the duty falls on the employer.

There are two approaches that must be taken by workers who have to deal with potential hazards everywhere. One is that they must have proper tools and equipment. The other is that they should have appropriate training.

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