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Fatigue and trucking don't mix

Trucker fatigue is a significant problem on the highways and city streets around the country. These individuals often work long hours to ensure that their cargo makes it from the starting point to the final destination. Some of these loads are time sensitive, so they can't be delayed. This often results in many miles traversed each shift.

Many individuals don't realize that truckers who are fatigued aren't always running on lack of sleep. There are many other causes that can lead to this issue. For example, having to drive in a hot and stuffy truck can do it, so truckers who don't have suitable climate control systems in their rigs are at risk of this.

Two of the most serious injuries after a car crash are invisible

Motor vehicle collisions on TV and in the movies tend to be loud and dramatic experiences, where the vehicle always winds up catching fire and the people escape near-certain death only through the intervention of a stranger or first responder. The reality of car crashes can be much more banal.

Many times, there is only twisted metal and shattered glass instead of the dramatic flames or explosions people expect after a collision. Just like the media strives to dramatize what a car crash looks like, so too do they make the injuries people suffer after a crash seem more visually obvious. After all, a grotesquely broken arm is going to have more of an impact on a movie audience than invisible internal injuries.

3 driver-related issues that contribute to trucking crashes

Sometimes, external factors contribute to major motor vehicle collisions. For example, inclement weather conditions like icy roads or high winds can make it much harder to control vehicles, especially larger, heavier vehicles like commercial trucks. However, in most collisions, behaviors on the part of one or more of the drivers involved play more of a role than outside factors do in the collision.

You might imagine that with all the extra training and regulations that truck drivers have to deal with that they wouldn't make mistakes at the wheel that could endanger them and others. Still, truckers are human and prone to the same kinds of mistakes as everyone else. Three behavioral issues in particular can create risk for everyone else on the road.

Distracted drivers can injure innocent people

Drivers can't let anything distract them from the road. One thing that pulls a lot of drivers away from their duties is a cellphone. Texting while driving is a huge issue that can easily claim lives because reading and writing messages takes time.

Safety on the road is everyone's business, so any driver should be aware of the dangers of texting and driving. It takes an average of 5 seconds to read or respond to a text. A driver who is traveling 55 miles per hour, which is slower than most interstate speeds, will go at least the distance equivalent to the length of a football field during that short 5-second period. You can imagine how many crashes can occur during that time.

Increase your safety on upcoming motorcycle rides

The autumn season is here, which means it is the perfect time to see the changing leaves and similar sights. Before you get out on your motorcycle, take the time to ensure that you are ready for the ride.

You must wear appropriate gear, including a helmet that has the approval of the Department of Transportation. Wearing a helmet dramatically reduces the chance that you will suffer a traumatic brain injury if you are in an accident. Remember to replace it every five years or immediately after a crash.

Harvest season safety for farmers and farm workers

The fall harvest season is a busy one for those who work on farms. Even though there is so much to do, there is no reason for safety to fall on the back burner. By keeping it a top priority, everyone who is working to bring the crops in can go home safely at the end of the day.

There are many risks during this time. Remembering these safety tips can help you to make it through each shift without injury.

Marijuana has no place in the trucking industry

The size and weight of semitrucks make these vehicles rather dangerous, but most truckers know how to operate the rigs safely. In order to do this, however, they must be fully cognizant of what's going on at all times. Any kind of impairment decreases the public's safety.

One particular issue that is on the rise now is marijuana. With the legalization of this drug in more states for both recreational and medicinal use, steps are being taken to increase the oversight for all drivers, including truckers. Any driver who is high on marijuana can cause major safety issues. They might not make decisions based on what is safe, which can impact every vehicle around them.

Autumn motorcycle safety tips

Motorcyclists will usually ride their bikes until the roads become too unsafe to do so. Since the autumn weather is almost here, now is the time for motorcyclists to brush up on the safety skills that will help them to remain safe as the weather begins to change.

More wildlife will venture around as they prepare for the winter. You have to be especially careful when you are in areas that are frequented by deer. They are going to spend the fall searching for food and trying to get away from hunters. Slamming into a deer when you are on a motorcycle is a recipe for disaster.

Stay safer at this year's UNC Fall Festival

The days are getting cooler and soon there will be frost dusting the pumpkins awaiting harvest in the fields. Now is the time for all sorts of autumn celebrations, including Halloween parties, high school homecomings and the University of North Carolina's (UNC) Fall Fest.

While UNC differs from many universities by celebrating its homecoming in February, that doesn't dampen its Fall Fest celebrations. The last Saturday in October is always a time of harvest revelry — and that often includes drinking alcohol.

Risks of occupational diseases must be minimized

Workers don't expect that they are going to face sickness as an on-the-job injury, but it does happen. Some of the dangers might not even be readily obvious. In almost all cases, proper safety protocols can help prevent workers from suffering from occupational diseases but doing so requires the employer to understand what hazards are present for these workers.

One example of how work conditions could impact a person's health has to do with restaurants. In the past, smoking sections were common in them. This exposed servers and other employees who had to go into the section to second-hand smoke. If there wasn't adequate ventilation in the space, the smoke could hang very heavy, which could trigger respiratory issues for the workers.

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