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Car crashes can turn a good day into a nightmare

The day that you are involved in a car crash might seem like one of the worst of your life. You might be thankful to be alive since you were in the accident, but you probably realize that your life is changing a lot because of the injuries you suffered. If they were serious enough, you might need extensive medical care. This can be costly and time consuming.

We realize that you have a lot to think about right now. We are here to help you sort through the legal issues that can come up so that you can make a determination about how you want your case to move forward from this point on.

Reducing the risk of falls at construction sites is a priority

Even though construction work is dangerous, it is a vital part of society. One of the biggest risks for these workers is falls. No matter what type of project is being done, it is imperative that all workers pay attention to basic safety guidelines that can help to prevent these falls.

Construction companies must have proper safety protocol in place and provide workers with the safety equipment to help prevent accidents. The burden of safety doesn't fall on the workers but it does fall on the company. Here are some important points that anyone in the construction industry must remember when it comes to working from heights and falls:

Summer days are deadly days for teens

The days from Memorial Day to Labor day are the deadliest days on the roads for teens. This is because of an uptick in the number of fatal crashes that involve teens that occur during this time of the year. One reason for this is that more teens are out on the roads. Some of these are inexperienced when it comes to driving.

On average, around 260 teens are killed in car crashes each month over the summer. Around 60 percent of crashes involving teens are due to distracted driving. These are horrible points to think about.

Persistent back pain isn't normal for any adult

Back pain is something that many adults deal with because they think it is normal. The fact is that this type of pain is a signal that something is amiss. Paying close attention to your back and how it feels can clue you into some potential issues that might need to be addressed.

No matter what type of job you have, from truck driving or factory work to administrative duties, you are at risk of on-the-job back injuries. These can come from the job duties or conditions. Here are some points you need to know about your back health at work:

Address economic and noneconomic impacts of a semitruck crash

People who head out on the interstates and even some city streets face the possibility of being around semitrucks during their drive. There isn't any doubt that these vehicles provide the economy a valuable service; however, there are times when they are a hazard to the public.

Semitruck accidents pit a very large and heavy vehicle against vehicles that are much lighter and smaller. This can end in tragedy for the victims of the crash. For some victims, the crash will end their life. For others, it can lead to life-altering injuries that are difficult to overcome. In all of these cases, seeking compensation for the effects of the accident is something to consider.

Semi-truck hazards come in a variety of types

The roads around North Carolina are full of big rigs hauling goods all over the place. These large, heavy vehicles have an important part in the nation's commerce, but they can be a huge hazard. When semi-trucks aren't properly maintained or the truckers don't drive safely, innocent motorists and their passengers are at risk of being injured or even killed.

It is imperative the only semi-trucks that are functioning properly are put on the roads. Any issues with them could be catastrophic. Every part of the truck has to be working in order for the trucker to be able to drive it safely.

Understand the purpose of workers' compensation coverage

Being injured at work can sometimes be catastrophic. When there are serious injuries, workers might need extensive medical care. They might not be able to return to work. This situation can be difficult to deal with because of the increase in expenses and decrease in income. This is where workers' compensation comes into the picture.

We understand that you might not really want to have to deal with the workers' compensation issue. There are times when this is a very long process. Still, knowing that your medical bills are covered and that you are going to receive partial wage replacement if you can't return to work right away might be worth the effort.

Know when an injury is compensable under workers' compensation

Workers' compensation is a program that can be a considerable help to workers who suffer an injury at work. The question then comes up about what injuries qualify for benefits. There are some basic points that are considered when trying to figure out if something is compensable.

One of the most important things in these cases is whether you were working when you were injured. You can only get workers' compensation if you are at work or performing work-related duties when you are injured. If you are clocked in and going to the bank with a deposit, you might qualify for workers' compensation if you are in an accident.

Types of car accidents that will benefit you to know about

The tourist seasons in North Carolina bring a large influx of traffic into the area. This means that everyone needs to be prepared for driving in these conditions. There are many different types of accidents that take place when drivers aren't paying full attention to the conditions.

The type of accident that you are involved in can have a direct impact on the injuries you suffer and the damage to your vehicle. It is imperative that you understand some basic points about different types of accidents.

Medial collateral ligament injuries can be devastating

Many different injuries can occur when you are at work, but knee injuries are some of the most troubling. These affect how you are able to walk and move about. Knee injuries often come with great pain and can sometimes require surgery.

The medial collateral ligament is one of the stabilizing forces in the knee. When this ligament is injured or torn, the knee isn't as stable as what is should be. These injuries are a bit different from the anterior cruciate ligament because the MCL has a rich blood supply. Here are some points to know about injuries to the MCL:

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