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Speeding drivers can cause serious crashes

Speeding is a huge issue that some drivers don't see as a problem. Unfortunately, the decision not to abide by speed limits is one that can kill innocent people. More than a quarter of traffic fatalities are caused by speeding. This shows just how important it is for drivers to obey speed limits.

Some individuals think that they aren't harming anyone else when they speed. This attitude can change lives in horrible ways and can even put an end to them. One of the most important things for drivers to remember is that they can contact the police to report speeding drivers. This might save the driver's life, your life, or someone else's life.

Car seats and seat belts are critical for all vehicle occupants

Safety in the car is a top priority for anyone who rides in one. From newborns to senior citizens, everyone who is in a vehicle while it is in motion should have on a seat belt. It is imperative that these are used properly because incorrect usage can mean that there are extensive injuries during a crash.

Car seats and seat belts help to prevent occupants of a vehicle from being thrown around the car or out of the car when there is a wreck. There is a slight risk that the seat belt or harness will cause injuries in a crash. Even when they do cause a problem, it is usually a much less serious injury than what would happen without it.

Rush hour driving presents many challenges

If you find yourself driving in heavy traffic, such as during rush hour, it's critical to adjust your style with an eye toward safety.

Rush hour driving is unique in many ways, including the fact that you're among a sea of vehicles that are moving at a slow rate of speed. To make things even more challenging, many drivers are in a hurry to reach their destination, thus leading them to take risks on the road.

Hazards on the road due to trucker shortage

The average trucker on the road today is around 55 years old. These individuals will be retiring in the upcoming years, but there aren't enough younger truckers to take the loads that these individuals are hauling. The shortage of truckers is getting more serious as time progresses. It is estimated that there will be a shortage of around 900,000 in this country by 2027.

You might wonder why this is important to the general public. For one thing, a lot of freight can't be moved without the help of truckers. Another problem of the shortage is the impact it has on road safety when truckers push their limits. There are limitations on the number of hours they can drive per shift and on a rolling 7-day or 8-day week.

Only compensable injuries can lead to workers' compensation

When you are injured on the job, you should be able to count on workers' compensation benefits to helps you deal with the aftermath. One thing that surprises workers is that they need to ensure that their injury is compensable. There are a few things that might render a claim ineligible because the injury wasn't actually compensable.

To be compensable, the injury has to occur during the course of your job. You can't get hurt when you fall off a ladder while cleaning your gutters at home and then claim workers' compensation should cover the expenses.

Tips to avoid distractions when you drive

Distracted driving is a serious issue, taking many lives every year. All accidents caused by distraction are preventable, just like drunk driving accidents. That, in many ways, is the most tragic part of this whole situation. None of these accidents needed to happen. None of those lives needed to be lost.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you avoid distraction in the car:

Grass clipping are a motorcycle's nemesis

Motorcycle riders have a lot of hazards that they have to deal with. If you are thinking about these, your mind might focus on things like potholes and other driver, but there is another issue that might lead to danger – grass clippings that are blown into the road when citizens mow their lawns.

For a motorcycle rider, going over grass clippings is akin to riding on ice. The loose grass can get stuck in the tread of the tires, which means that the tires can't grip the surface of the road like they need to. This can lead to slipping and an inability of the motorcyclist to control the vehicle.

Pedestrian safety is everyone's concern

Everyone has a duty to help keep others around them safe on the roads. When pedestrians are around, they must be an additional focus of these efforts. A pedestrian will almost always lose when they are in an accident with a vehicle.

No matter what your role is in the matter, you should remain alert and vigilant about watching what is going on around you. No pedestrians or drivers should ever be impaired by any substance, including alcohol. Cellphones and other devices should be put away so that they don't become a distraction.

Emotional health is important after a spine injury

Spinal cord injuries that come about from an accident suddenly change your life. It can be difficult to deal with everything that is going on. Not only are you having to cope with major physical changes, but you also need to address some mental health challenges.

Everything going on with the spinal cord injury can be overwhelming. One thing that might help you during this time is to find out all you can about your injury. You might feel like you just want to hide, but knowing what to expect can give you some idea of what you need to do to maximize your abilities now.

Cost of saving lives versus cost of advanced safety options

The highways and interstates are meant for all drivers to use; however, some truckers think they own these roads and drive in an unsafe manner that puts others in danger. There are many ways that semitrucks can be made safer. The issue is that the trucking industry sometimes pushes back against these claiming that they are cost-prohibitive or that they put undue stress on the truckers and trucking companies. The question that comes up in these cases is "what price will these companies put on safety?" because, in the end, lives can be lost when safety standards are too lax.

Some advanced safety options on these rigs could make a big difference in what happens during a haul. For example, blind-spot warnings could let truckers know when someone is traveling in the very large "no zones" of these trucks. Lane departure warnings could also increase the safety since truckers likely wouldn't drift into a vehicle on the side of them.

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