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What To Do If You’ve Suffered A Fracture In An Accident

In a split second, a car or truck collision can have life-changing consequences. Many victims suffer broken bones. The effects can be long-lasting — and, in many cases, permanent. Fractures of the arm, leg, hand, or foot can result in significant pain that never fully abates.

To make sure your medical costs are covered both in the short- and long-term, it is important to work with a broken bone injury attorney in Wilmington who knows how to obtain compensation from the party responsible for your injury.

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Headquartered in Wilmington, and serving throughout southeastern North Carolina, the attorneys at David & Associates, Attorneys at Law, PLLC handle all aspects of motor vehicle accident claims. The first priority is for you to secure medical care, especially if you have any type of fracture. From there, the help of a lawyer is vital to identify any acts of negligence of the driver of the other car.

While you attend doctor appointments and surgeries, our lawyers will attend to every detail of your claim. We visit the site of the accident to gather any necessary evidence. We talk to witnesses to get their side of the story. We team with doctors, therapists, economists, and accident reconstructionists.

Our objective in our fact-finding is to maximize compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, or lost earnings now and in the future.

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We remain at your side throughout the entire process, navigating you through every step and working to overcome every obstacle. We will take on all challenges and ensure that your story is heard.

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