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Fighting On Behalf Of Injured Tradespeople

A car or truck collision caused by negligence can be life-changing. Victims are left injured and unsure of where to turn. Tradespeople and other professionals dependent on driving to and from worksites to perform their jobs face the possible end of their careers.

How Can an Injury Attorney Help Injured Tradespersons?

A qualified work injury attorney can help guide injured tradespersons through the complicated process of filing a workers’ comp claim. Tradesperson injuries often involve complex facts, multiple parties and government regulations that an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can navigate to get their clients the best possible outcome—including proper compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

What Types of Tradesperson Injuries Are Covered?

Tradespeople may suffer from a variety of job-related injuries or illnesses. The most common types of cases include:

  • Carpentry-related injuries from falls, hazardous materials, and machinery accidents
  • Electrician injuries resulting from electric shock or contact with high voltage equipment
  • Plumbing-related mishaps leading to chemical burns or slips and falls
  • Masonry-related illnesses caused by exposure to dust and other materials
  • Painters who suffer from sprains and strains due to ladder use
  • Roofers injured while working at heights.

Regardless of the type of injury that has occurred, a workers’ compensation attorney can help tradespersons seek out rightful compensation for their losses. Additionally, they may be able to help file the paperwork and ensure that you will be covered for ongoing medical expenses.

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The Immediate Need for Legal Help & Medical Care

At David & Associates, Attorneys at Law, PLLC, we represent hardworking professionals needing medical attention and legal representation. The care of a physician comes first. From there, an attorney can help hold the responsible party accountable for a car or truck accident.

The stakes are high for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and tool and die makers. Serious back and neck injuries can sideline them temporarily or permanently, leaving them unable to make a living. If they are able to return to work, they may come back with limitations that affect their ability to perform basic functions.

Our Wilmington tradesmen injury lawyers pursue claims with attention to every detail. Investigations often uncover the short- and long-term needs of accident victims. We focus our efforts on securing compensation for lost wages, both now and in the future, and pain and suffering.

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