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Global Market for ADAS Grows, Though Concerns Remain

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2020 | Car Accidents

Perhaps you attend UNC Wilmington or work there, and during your drive to and from the campus, you were in a car accident. It could be that you had an advanced driver-assistance system on in your car or that the other driver did. It should be kept in mind that ADAS is not without its flaws. This may play a crucial role in your personal injury case here in Wilmington, North Carolina.

There’s no doubt that the global market for ADAS is growing. Market research firm MarketsandMarkets estimates that it will grow from $27 billion in 2020 to $83 billion by 2030. This comes to a growth of 12% each year.

Keeping drivers out of accidents

ADAS has so far been successful in preventing many accidents. LexisNexis Risk Solutions says that vehicles with ADAS experience 27% fewer bodily injury claims and 19% fewer property damage claims. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says about blind-spot detection, one ADAS feature, that it lowers crash involvement rate by 14%.

The way ADAS works is simple. Its main features are forward and rear collision warning and automatic emergency braking. The one alerts drivers to an impending crash while the other applies the brakes in time if drivers cannot. ADAS also includes safety features like:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane departure warning
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Traffic-sign recognition

ADAS can be linked with unsafe driving

Though proven safe, ADAS can experience glitches and, for instance, apply the brakes at the wrong times. Drivers who mistakenly think ADAS can replace them at the wheel may use it as a pretext to distract themselves. In addition, ADAS is expensive, so auto insurers are unlikely to offer insurance discounts to those vehicles that are equipped with it.

Retaining a lawyer for your injury case

You may be wondering how you can be compensated for your injuries and how soon you can return to a normal life. Your medical expenses, lost wages and other losses could be covered under personal injury law if you file a claim against the driver responsible for your crash, but it may take a lawyer for the case to be successful. You may want to see one for a case evaluation.