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Beware of Drunk Drivers This Holiday Season

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | Car Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents

Now that the holiday season is here, anyone on the road needs to ensure that they are aware of the signs of a drunk driver. If you spot someone who you suspect is driving under the influence of alcohol, try to stay away from them. This might be challenging; however, it could help you remain safe on the road.

There are several signs that a driver might be impaired. These include behaviors like swerving between lanes, driving off the road, stopping in the middle of the traffic lane, failing to obey traffic signals or tailgating. Some impaired drivers won’t turn their headlights on once it gets dark outside. Others might straddle the centerline, accelerate quickly, drive too fast or too slowly and drive against traffic. All of these behaviors are dangerous and put innocent people in danger of being struck.

One thing that you should do if you see a driver who might be drunk is to report them to the police department. Try to have a passenger in your vehicle do this or use a hands-free device so that you can avoid becoming distracted. Don’t try to match the driver’s actions. You might only be able to relay a make, model and color along with the route of travel and the direction when you contact the police.

It isn’t always possible to avoid a drunk driver. If you are struck by an impaired individual, contact emergency services so that you can have the police and an ambulance come out. You might opt to pursue a claim for compensation for the damages that you suffered, but you need to do this before the time limit for filing expires.