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Trucking Crash Causes Determine Liability

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Semitrucks provide a valuable service to businesses and consumers, but this doesn’t come without a serious risk. The size of these trucks and the weight mean that they are potentially deadly weapons that are moving about freely on the interstates. If you are struck by a semitruck on the interstate, you should determine whether you need to seek compensation or not. By seeking compensation, you are trying to shift the financial difficult to the liable party.

Accidents with semitrucks are a bit different from some other vehicles. One of the primary tasks you will have in these cases is trying to determine what happened that led to the wreck. Depending on the answer to this can clue you into who you can hold liable for the wreck.

Truckers are sometimes at fault for crashes because they might be driving drunk, intoxicated or distracted. In all three of these cases, the driver is being negligent, which can be the basis of a personal injury claim.

There are cases in which the trucker might not be the liable party. This is sometimes the case when the trucking company promised very tight deadlines. It is also possible that a defective component, such as bad brakes might cause a problem. These cases could mean that you hold the trucking company or mechanics accountable. It might also mean that the manufacturer is responsible for your damages.

It is imperative that we look into all possible causes of the crash so that we know what options you have. We will review those with you so that you can move forward in the manner you feel is best for your life.