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Safety Tips All Businesses Can Use

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Keeping a workplace clean and tidy is important for worker health and safety. Employers must ensure that they have set standards for cleanliness, especially if there are hazardous substances or conditions. The rules and guidelines that are set have to be clear, but the employer also has to provide the tools necessary to get the job done.

Not everything that helps to keep the workplace clean is the responsibility of the employees. Employers have some duties that only they can do. This includes replacing damaged flooring and adding non-slip options to areas that are likely to be slippery.

Regular housekeeping

Basic cleaning like dusting surfaces, sweeping floors and keeping everything tidy can make it easier to find things at work, but it can also boost safety. When the floors are clean, there is a decreased risk of anyone slipping. Cleaning can also help to reduce the transmission of germs and bacteria. Clutter and unclean surfaces can also lead to a pest infestation.

Safety checks

When a workplace includes hazardous substances, dangerous tools or heavy equipment, safety checks are important. There should be a set schedule for reviewing all of these items on a regular basis so that any worn components or broken items can be found before they cause a serious problem. Chemicals and other substances should be checked to ensure they are being stored and used properly and that they are still within the acceptable dates for usage.

Item securement

Most companies have stock rooms or shelving to hold items. Anything here must be properly placed and secured to reduce the risk of falling. The shelving units shouldn’t be top-heavy because having too much weight at the top and not enough at the bottom can cause it to tip over.

Client interactions

Workplace violence is a problem that some businesses fail to plan for. Keeping workers safe when they deal with the public is a huge undertaking, especially in the retail, service and food service industries. Anyone who is acting in a violent manner should be removed from the premises. This will probably require police assistance.

When a worker is injured or becomes ill due to factors in the workplace, they will likely need medical care. From there, they will have to determine whether workers’ compensation benefits are due. However, some incidents like injuries from defective power tools might result in a third-party lawsuit.