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Safety Has to Be a Priority for All Truckers

There are many hazards that a semitruck driver has to contend with during a haul. These can be complicated, but truckers who have experience and are paying attention might be able to avoid crashing into other vehicles. Unfortunately, not all truckers stay focused on their driving duties.

All truckers should abide by some very simple tips to help them keep others safe. Some of these also apply to other drivers. Looking into these factors might help people who are injured in these crashes to determine the cause, so they can name it in their claim for compensation.

One of these is that they need to comply with speed limits, especially in work zones. Around one-third of work zone accidents that are fatal involve semitrucks. This harrowing fact should be enough to remind truckers to slow down.

Drivers should remember to stay out of the truck’s no zones, or blind spots. The truckers can’t see you in these spots. Still, a trucker who is being extra cautious shouldn’t change lanes or turn without taking time to ensure there aren’t vehicles in these areas.

Truckers often work long shifts that include hundreds of miles between stops. They need to take care of themselves. Being fatigued or not having a sharp mind can contribute to crashes. This is a preventable cause that can be stopped by simply getting enough rest and stopping when they feel fatigued.

When there is a crash with a semitruck, a primary question that comes up is the cause of the crash. In many cases, the answer to this is that the trucker wasn’t doing something they should have been doing or that they were doing something they shouldn’t be doing.