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Summer Days Are Deadly Days for Teens

The days from Memorial Day to Labor Day are the deadliest days on the roads for teens. This is because of an uptick in the number of fatal crashes that involve teens that occur during this time of the year. One reason for this is that more teens are out on the roads. Some of these are inexperienced when it comes to driving.

On average, around 260 teens are killed in car crashes each month over the summer. Around 60 percent of crashes involving teens are due to distracted driving. These are horrible points to think about.

There are many ways that risks can be minimized. One of these is that the state can use a graduated driver’s license system. North Carolina does have one of these in place for teens who are 15 to 18 years old. This is meant to give them more experience behind the wheel while they have an experienced driver in the car. As they move through the levels of the system, they get more and more freedom.

Part of the responsibility for keeping the roads safe falls on the teens, but they need clear direction from their parents for this. Parents need to set clear standards for what a teen is allowed to do while they are behind the wheel. One thing that must be clearly conveyed is that nobody who drives should ever use a cellphone while they are driving.

When an accident does happen with a teen driver, serious injuries and even fatalities can occur. The victims in these crashes might opt to seek compensation to try to recover some of the expenses they have as a result of their injuries.

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