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Tips to Avoid a Distracted Driver

In today’s society, it common to stay connected at all times. People often multitask throughout the day, taking care of personal errands while answering work emails, texts, and even keeping up the news. Unfortunately, people often do this while they are behind the wheel. Every time you get in a car, you risk becoming a victim of a distracted driver.

Regardless of how careful you are or how much you pay attention, it is impossible to avoid every negligent driver on the road. If you have been the victim of a distracted driver, you may be able to file a claim for damages. A Wilmington personal injury attorney can review your case and help you determine the best course of action. Read further for tips to spot a distracted driver.

Veering away from the center

If the car ahead of you is not driving in a straight line, the driver may not be paying attention to the road. If the car is moving too far to the right or left of the lane, it is a good indication that you may be in danger if you try to pass it. Put additional space between you and the other vehicle to avoid becoming involved in a wreck.

Erratic braking

Sudden or erratic braking is also a sign that a driver is distracted. If another motorist is too busy making a phone call or texting, he or she tends to suddenly slam on the brakes when the car in front of them comes to a stop or slows down. Avoid riding too close to the car in front of you and make sure you always have enough space to stop if needed.

Too much time at the intersection

If the light turns green and the other traffic moves forward while the person in front of you stays put, this is probably a good indication that he or she is doing something other than paying attention to the road. Avoid this car as you continue down the road.


A person wearing headphones could be in the process of making a phone call or already in a conversation. This driver is going to have problems hearing if an emergency vehicle approaches or paying attention to the road in general. While most people think hands-free options are safer, sometimes they contribute to accidents as easily as holding the phone and texting.

If a distracted driver has injured you or someone you love, it is important to understand your rights and options in North Carolina.