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“The Weather Outside Is Frightful”: Stay Safe on the Roads

Driving in the cold winter months is sometimes a lesson in patience. The road conditions might make it hard to navigate in the same manner that you are accustomed to driving. Trying to find ways to remain safe and comfortable becomes a priority in these months.

Fortunately, driving in the winter doesn’t have to be as dangerous as frightening as can often be the case. These features can help you out considerably when you are heading out in the wintry weather:

Heated features

You might think that heated features are just for your comfort, but this isn’t the case. They can be important safety features. A heated windshield can help to ensure that you don’t have ice on the windshield when you are driving, but be careful with these. They can be distracting due to the wavy lines in the glass. You might also find that transponders for toll passes don’t work properly.

Heated side mirrors can keep your mirrors clear. A heated seat and steering wheel are largely for comfort. However, the heated steering wheel can keep your fingers loose and able to drive. This might be helpful for people who have arthritis in their fingers. The heated seat might prevent hypothermia if you are stranded or they will certainly keep you warmer if stuck in a traffic jam.

Remote start

The remote start lets you get your vehicle warmed up before you get into it. Some models operate with your smartphone. This likely isn’t something that will help if you are in a crash or stranded, but it can make life much easier if you have a condition that is negatively impacted by frigid temperatures.

Windshield wipers

Keeping the windshield clear is tough when it is snowing. Having beam windshield wipers can help to get the job done without you having to worry about cheap wipers breaking. A beam wiper is made with spring steel inside of the plastic and is one piece, instead of two moving parts.

Make sure that you keep the de-icer in the windshield washer fluid reservoir. This can melt ice and snow off the glass. It is also helpful if you have to use the wipers to clear off-road grime.

Some vehicles come with heated jets to help keep the windshield and even headlights clean. If your vehicle doesn’t have these on the headlights, you will need to manually clear the lenses before you drive.

You have to ensure that you are taking all the steps you can to improve your safety. If you are in an accident that wasn’t your fault, make sure that you protect your rights.