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Amputations Can Occur in Some Workplace Accidents

When you are involved in an accident with heavy machinery or power equipment, there is a chance that you will suffer from an amputation. This means that you have a part of your body ripped or cut away from the rest of your body.

Unlike an amputation that occurs through a medical surgery, a traumatic amputation is one that often involves an unsanitary situation. This means that the person is at risk from the ruptured blood vessels, but also from the possibility of an infection.

When a worker suffers from an amputation, immediate care is necessary. Controlling the bleeding from the severed limb is the top priority. Firm pressure on the area might help, but a tourniquet might be required in severe situations.

If the limb was completely severed, the part that isn’t attached to the body should be wrapped in a clean cloth that is damp. If possible, place it in a zipper-top bag. Place that bag inside of a larger bag that is filled with ice. Don’t put any ice directly on the severed body part.

The person should be taken for emergency medical care. The severed part of the body should accompany him or her if possible. It is sometimes possible to reattach the body part, whether it is fully detached or only partially detached.

Regardless of the outcome of the medical treatment, the person who was injured is likely to need to stay home from work for a while during the healing process. In this case, the person might file for workers’ compensation coverage, which includes partial wage replacement and medical coverage in many instances.

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