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Auto Part Defects Resulting in Unfair Driver Convictions

North Carolina motorists may be aware of the high rate of accidents caused by mechanical defects in many popular vehicles. Some drivers have actually served time behind bars because people have died as a result of these collisions. During 2014, there were approximately 64 million vehicles recalled in the United States. In February 2014, General Motors was forced to recall more than 2.5 million vehicles due to defective ignition switches.

The defective components have caused drivers to inexplicably lose control of their vehicle and crash, resulting in serious injuries, death or property damage. Some of the recalls involve defects that date back as far as a decade, so it is easy to see how some drivers may have been prosecuted for errors actually committed by the manufacturer. There have also been incidents attributed to faulty airbags that are used in several types of vehicles sold to millions of drivers worldwide.

Several motorists involved in these types of accidents have been charged with vehicular manslaughter or similar crimes, and some were incarcerated for months before they were exonerated based on evidence associated with the recalls. As of September 2015, there have been at least five verdicts reversed because of these recalls, including four involving GM vehicles and one from Toyota.

A person who is injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by mechanical defects or failures might want to speak with a personal injury attorney to determine how to obtain compensation for the damages that have been sustained. If the attorney can determine that the accident was directly attributable to an existing defect, it may be appropriate to file a lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer for medical expenses, lost wages, and other applicable amounts.