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Winter Car Accidents and Negligence

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Car Accidents

The winters in Wilmington and throughout North Carolina can be dangerous when it comes to driving. Unfortunately, several crashes occur because individuals don’t consider the weather conditions, holidays, and other problems that increase the risk of negligence.

If you suffer injuries in a winter accident, it’s vital to recognize causation. Proving someone is liable for your harm means understanding the cause. Below, we’ll detail the most common car accidents in winter and how negligence plays a factor.

Around this time of year, some of the biggest dangers to look out for include:

  • Weather-related crashes
  • Drunk drivers
  • Rideshare drivers

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Weather-Related Crashes

We know that winter often means rainfall and other issues that can make it challenging for drivers to stay safe. Far too often, drivers don’t consider the weather when they should drive safe for the conditions. When they don’t drive safe for the road conditions, they may be negligent and responsible for any damages they cause.

Negligence exists in weather-related crashes in the following situations:

  • Exceeding the speed limit or not slowing down when the weather conditions call for it.
  • Not maintaining a vehicle to ensure windshield wipers, tires, and brakes are safe for the weather conditions.
  • Swerving from lane to lane with minimal visibility.

While the weather can create a crash, it’s still on drivers to ensure they do everything possible to keep safety a top priority and prevent others from suffering harm.

Drunk Drivers

Around this time of the year, multiple holidays increase the possibility of crashes occurring. While Memorial Day and Independence Day are two of the most dangerous holidays, the long weeks and weekends surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas often see hundreds to thousands of crashes. A majority of these crashes result from drunk driving.

Drunk driving can cause several problems, especially when you consider how intoxication impacts someone:

  • Reduced decision-making abilities
  • Impaired vision
  • Fatigue
  • Coordination and balance issues
  • Depth perception

All of these effects can lead to a drunk driver causing a severe crash and subsequent injuries. Alcohol is a factor in nearly 40% of the collisions that occur each year. These individuals are some of the most negligent, resulting in some of the most severe injuries.

Rideshare Drivers

Rideshare drivers are some of the most dangerous because they encounter several distractions when they’re behind the wheel of their vehicle. Distractions start when the driver receives a notification that they have a new passenger waiting for them. From there, the biggest distraction is the driver scanning sidewalks for their next fare.

Rideshare drivers may also be unfamiliar with an area. They may not know traffic patterns, high traffic areas, and other troubles. As a result, rideshare drivers may make illegal U-turns, stop where they shouldn’t, or miss traffic signals entirely.

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