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Aggressively Fighting for Injured Victims in North Carolina

Representing Injured Construction Workers

Sometimes it can seem like construction work sites were designed to result in injured workers. Sites can be home to power tools, heavy machinery, ladders, scaffolding, potholes and careless co-workers. In such an environment, accidents happen. But do you know what needs to happen next to make sure you and your family are taken care of?

At David & Associates, we do. Our attorneys represent injured construction workers in Wilmington, Jacksonville and throughout southeastern North Carolina. Accidents happen, but the resistance you may experience from your employer is no accident at all. You can rely on us to fight for your rights.

Construction Site Injuries

Injuries can happen for a variety of reasons on construction sites, but most are caused by accidents. Some of the most common construction injuries include:

  • Broken bones from slips or falls
  • Back injuries from heavy and/or repetitive lifting
  • Head injuries from falling objects
  • Burn injuries due to welding or heated objects
  • Skin, eye or lung damage due to chemical exposure

Whether you were injured by a careless co-worker, fell from a ladder or scaffolding, or you twisted your ankle in a depression, one thing remains the same: We can help you pursue all of the benefits and compensation you are entitled to for your injury.

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