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Aggressively Fighting for Injured Victims in North Carolina

Maximizing Benefits For Workers Hurt In Farm Accidents

Our region of North Carolina is home to many forms of agriculture, such as the farming of tobacco, cotton, corn, soybeans and the rearing of hogs. A booming agricultural operation requires a tremendous amount of manual labor that can result in injuries for workers.

At David & Associates, we understand the challenges facing injured farm workers. We know you are probably worried about how you will pay your bills, how you can get the treatment you need, and whether you will ever be able to go back to work on the farm again. You can rely on our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers to answer your questions and obtain the resources you need to get better.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

We will investigate your situation to determine what you are eligible for, but most workers’ compensation claims result in benefits for wage loss and medical costs. There are also death benefits available for the families of workers who are killed in workplace accidents.

If your injury was caused by negligence, we may be able to obtain personal injury compensation for you in addition to workers’ compensation benefits.

We have experience helping injured workers who have been hurt in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Head and spine injuries from tractor rollover cases
  • Back injuries from repetitive lifting
  • Chemical exposure from fertilizers and pesticides
  • Shoulder and joint injuries from picking crops and lifting equipment

Accidents happen, but getting the benefits you deserve when you need them is no accident. It will take strategic representation from an attorney with the resources to protect your rights. If you have been injured, contact us today for a free consultation. We have offices throughout southeastern North Carolina, including Wilmington and Jacksonville. Call us at 910-338-9490.