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Slip-And-Falls Cause Millions Of Injuries Each Year

Slip-and-fall accidents lead to more than 8 million emergency room visits each year.* They are the primary cause of lost work time in the United States, and account for nearly 10 percent of job-related fatalities. For injury victims, a slip or fall can be incredibly costly. There will be medical bills to pay, as well as the costs of ongoing care. If you are unable to return to work, you will suffer a financial setback in the form of lost wages. For many, obtaining restitution through a workers’ compensation claim is the only means of avoiding bankruptcy.

The attorneys at David & Associates can help you assemble the strongest possible workers’ compensation claim. Serving in Wilmington and throughout southeastern North Carolina, we have more than 100 years of combined experience in the field, and know how to work with employers, insurers and opposing counsel to get our clients the financial relief they need.

Yet there are a number of steps you can take, from the very outset of your accident, that can bolster your chances of success.

What To Do After A Slip-And-Fall Accident

To maximize your ability to obtain workers’ compensation funds, it is important to take action immediately. This includes:

  • Seeking out medical attention — As with an injury, your priority should be your own recovery. However, there is another reason to consult with a physician after you’ve been hurt. Namely, a doctor will provide an objective account of your injury’s severity, and thereby establish important evidence as the legal aspects of your case proceed.
  • Document any hazards at the site of your injury — Slips and falls on work sites are often caused by inherently unsafe conditions. There may be slick or slippery floors, broken or uneven ground, misplaced objects, inadequate lighting or other hazards. Investigate the scene. Write down what you find. Take photographs. Such documentation can serve as important evidence for you and your lawyer in the event that matters go to court.
  • Identify witnesses and get their accounts — If there were witnesses to your accident, have them supplying you with account. Obtain their names and contact information. They can provide crucial objective accounts with regard to the work site conditions and the nature of your accident — accounts that can be used in any legal proceedings.
  • Be careful about what you say and agree to — Shortly after your injury, you will likely be approached by insurers or other representatives of your employer. It is important to be careful about what you say to them concerning the extent of your injuries and how the accident came about. Anything you admit can be used against you later.

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