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Aggressively Fighting for Injured Victims in North Carolina

It’s Important To Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

After a serious injury, recovering your health — to the extent possible — should be prioritized. Of course, this may entail significant medical costs and it is important that the party responsible for your injuries pays them. To this end, filing a personal injury claim is a potent means for you to use the legal system and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Yet filing a successful claim is not easy. Insurance companies — the institutions that ultimately pay one’s medical expenses — are aggressive in their efforts to reduce or dismiss claims. The attorneys at David & Associates can help you fight back. Serving in Wilmington, and with offices throughout southeastern North Carolina, we have more than 100 years of combined experience in the field, maximizing the financial assistance our clients receive. We’re able to assist you, too.

But there are steps you must take to avoid jeopardizing your ability to receive compensation.

Following Your Doctor’s Advice

Above all other considerations it is imperative to follow any regimens and treatments your doctor prescribes you. This may prove frustrating. It is likely difficult, for example, to take time out of your workday to attend physical therapy sessions, or to visit a physician for a follow-up appointment. You may see no reason to continue receiving — and paying for — care if you are no longer in pain.

Nevertheless, it is unwise to veer from the course your doctor sets out for you. This is because insurers monitor your medical records closely. If they notice a lapse in treatment, they will use this information to demonstrate that your injuries are not severe and, as such, do not merit substantial compensation. Indeed, insurers are expert in gathering evidence to support their attempts to underpay claims. Your medical progress is the first thing they examine.

Don’t give them material to work with.

Protecting Your Rights And Asserting Your Interests

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