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Helping You Recover After A Neck Or Spine Injury

Neck and spine injuries can result in fear. Fear that you will not regain the feeling or movement you had before. Fear that you will not be able to return to work. Fear that you will not be able to continue living the life you have built for yourself.

At David & Associates, our attorneys have the answers you need, coupled with the drive and resources necessary to hold negligent people accountable for your injuries. We will make sure you get what you deserve, including financial compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

Even if you do not see visible bruising or injuries, it is critical to get medical attention. It is also important to know your legal rights. Our lawyers bring more than 100 years of experience to personal injury in southeastern North Carolina.

Why Do Neck And Spinal Cord Injuries Happen?

When a driver or passenger’s body shakes, it can put a tremendous amount of stress on the neck and spinal cord. The ligaments and tendons in the neck may not be strong enough to prevent injury, which can lead to injuries ranging from soft tissue injuries to paralysis.

How Will We Maximize Recovery For You?

We will start by making sure you get the immediate medical treatment you need and gather the appropriate medical records. Our team will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident to determine liability, often working with experts such as accident reconstructionists and other engineers. Finally, we will partner with doctors, economists and vocational specialists to determine the compensation you need to return to normal.

Immediate Help For You And Your Family

The minutes, hours and days after a spinal cord injury are critical. Contact us today for a free consultation. Call us at 910-338-9490. We have locations throughout southeastern North Carolina, including Wilmington and Jacksonville.