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Aggressively Fighting for Injured Victims in North Carolina

How Insurance Companies Strive To Minimize Payouts

The insurance industry exists to provide financial aid to individuals when they most need it — when they’ve been injured, or suffer an illness, or their home has been damaged or destroyed. Yet insurance companies are profit-driven and, as such, have an interest in paying out as little as possible. Indeed, especially in injury matters, they are creative in their efforts to under-compensate claimants.

We can help fight back. With more than 100 years of combined experience between them, the attorneys at David & Associates are skilled at asserting the rights and interests of injury victims. We know how to assess your personal injury claim to derive its true value, and work had to maximize the compensation you’ll receive. With headquarters in Wilmington, we have offices throughout southeastern North Carolina. We have the resources to provide meaningful and effective legal help.

The Tactics Insurers Use To Underpay Claims

Insurers employ a range of tactics to underpay claims. Below are a few to be aware of if you are seeking to file a personal injury claim:

Offering insufficient settlements — Insurers may appear helpful. Especially in serious injury matters, they will seem attentive to your needs and responsive to your inquiries. In many cases they will offer you a lump settlement to cover your medical expenses. It is important not to accept such deals without consulting with a knowledgeable attorney. Frequently, insurers will initially offer far less than is needed to address your ongoing medical care. Individuals often find that, long after their insurance funds have run out, they continue to require care that they can no longer afford.

Monitoring your social media profiles — We are well into the 21st century, and corporations are as adept as anyone else at using technology. Insurers routinely keep tabs on claimants via social media — Facebook, Instagram, etc. — looking out for pictures and videos that might indicate an individual isn’t as injured as he or she claims to be. It is important, if you are in the midst of the claims process, to be careful what you post online.

Engaging in surveillance — In some situations, insurers will hire private detectives to follow claimants. These investigators — typically engaged only in cases of catastrophic injury — will tail individuals for a prolonged duration, recording any activity that might cast doubt on the extent of one’s injuries.

Claiming contributory negligence — North Carolina is one of a few ‘contributory negligence’ states. What this means is that if a victim is found to be even 1 percent responsible for an accident in which they were injured, they will not be able to receive compensation. Insurers are creative in their efforts to pin blame on victims.

Protecting You Against Insurers

Our firm has extensive experience working with insurers. We have a record of establishing our clients’ needs and obtaining fair compensation for them.

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