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Distracted Driving Accidents Are Entirely Preventable

Fiddling with the radio, talking on the phone, texting, eating, putting on makeup, reading the newspaper. The ways in which a driver can be distracted behind the wheel are seemingly endless, but they are all dangerous. There is no excuse for driving while distracted, and innocent people should not have to pay the price.

Attorneys Immediately Focusing On Your Needs

At David & Associates, we know you have some pressing needs after an accident. From making sure you get the medical help you need to making sure you have a reliable rental vehicle, we will take care of every aspect of your recovery.

It is bad enough that you or a loved one suffered a serious injury as a result of a negligent driver. At this difficult time, you should not have to deal with an uncaring insurance company. With our lawyers on your side you will not have to. We will handle all interactions with the insurance company and be your strongest advocate, building the strongest possible case for maximizing compensation.

What Are You Entitled To?

In most cases, you are not entitled to any more compensation due to the case involving a distracted driver. But the presence of a distracted driver can be a key in negotiating a strong settlement and it can simplify the process of determining liability for the accident. This is important in ensuring you are compensated for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings and other damages.

They Shouldn’t Have Used Their Phone. You Should.

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