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Tips to avoid a distracted driver

In today's society, it common to stay connected at all times. People often multitask throughout the day, taking care of personal errands while answering work emails, texts, and even keeping up the news. Unfortunately, people often do this while they are behind the wheel. Every time you get in a car, you risk becoming a victim of a distracted driver.

Injured in a single car accident? You may deserve compensation

It may seem obvious that if you are the only driver involved in an accident, then you must clearly be at fault, right? Well, not so fast. While it is true that there may not be an obvious second party who is at fault, you may also not be responsible for the accident. If you have suffered an injury in a single car accident, it is worth asking a professional to evaluate the circumstances of the accident to determine if you deserve compensation.

3 things to know about personal injury claims in North Carolina

When you get hurt in an accident, one of the only things that you might be worried about is how you are going to heal up quickly so that you can pay the bills you have because of the accident. In some cases, you might opt to explore the possibility of seeking compensation for the injuries. This might be possible through a personal injury claim that is filed against the person or party that caused the accident . Personal injury claims in North Carolina have to be made in accordance with state laws.

Car makers are collecting data on driving behavior

North Carolina motorists who drive Tesla vehicles may already known that the company receives data via the Internet regarding their driving behaviors. The information is constantly sent, providing the company with data about how its cars are performing. As a June incident in California shows, the company can tap the information in order to defend itself against allegations by drivers that the vehicles caused their accidents.

Self-driving vehicles and the auto insurance industry

North Carolina motorists may have read that automobile manufacturers and technology companies are predicting that self-driving cars will seriously reduce or eliminate injuries and fatalities in motor vehicle accidents. This raises the question of how the auto insurance industry will be affected.

Cell phone usage leads to more accidents

North Carolina drivers may think that if they use a hands-free device to talk on their cellphone while they are behind the wheel that they will not be distracted, but studies have shown that this is not the case. Furthermore, not all distractions are the same. While a person might deal with a number of distractions while driving, people on cellphones are four times more likely to have an accident with no difference between handheld and hands-free phones. A person texting and driving is eight times more likely to crash.

Increasing numbers of traffic fatalities

A car accident on a North Carolina road can be a traumatic experience, especially if there is a fatality. For many years, the national statistics related to traffic deaths had been improving, but 2015 changed this significantly. The first nine months of the year had in excess of 26,000 deaths in auto accidents, more than 2,000 more than during the same span of time in 2014.

Self-driving cars getting into minor accidents

Self-driving cars made by Google, GM and other auto manufacturers are supposed to greatly reduce, or even eliminate, car crashes in North Carolina and across the United States. However, the first wave of real-world testing of the new vehicles shows they crash twice as often as human-driven vehicles. Why? The computerized cars drive like "grandma," according to one Google engineer.

Safety when pulling a trailer

North Carolina motorists who need to pull a trailer can take certain steps to do so more safely. It is important to make sure that the trailer is correctly attached. In addition to a secure hitch, there should be two crisscrossing chains attaching the trailer to the vehicle. The signals and brake lights should be attached and tested as well. Drivers who do not have someone who can tell them whether the lights are working should test them at night or use a reflective surface.

Are younger drivers to blame for distracted driving?

Texting while driving is illegal in North Carolina. Despite this law designed to prevent distracted driving, motorists are still worried about distracted driving. Ninety-seven percent of drivers said distracted drivers are their biggest safety threat on the road, according to a survey by Kelly Blue Book. 

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