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Spinal cord injury classifications are important

Spinal cord injuries can impact the victim in a variety of ways. It is imperative that anyone who has this type of injury understands the specifics of their injury so that they can prepare for what is to come. Many things can impact the way that the injury impacts your life after the accident. Some of these include the initial injury, the loss of oxygen and the spinal shock that occurs.

Know how to stay safe on your motorcycle this spring

Motorcyclists might enjoy heading out during the beautiful spring months, so they can enjoy the warmer weather outside. If you are planning on going out for a ride, make sure that you are well-prepared. This is especially important for bikers who have had their motorcycles put away all winter.

Motorcycle crashes can lead to lifelong challenges

Motorcycle riders need to know that other drivers on the road are watching for them. The problem is that some drivers might assume that nobody is going to ride a motorcycle when the weather is cooler. Unfortunately, this false belief might lead to bikers being injured or killed.

Wear a proper helmet when motorcycling in North Carolina

Motorcycle safety is something that must be a priority for anyone who gets on one of these vehicles. One thing to remember is that you must wear a helmet to ride in North Carolina, but not all helmets are created equally. In order to optimally protect you and remain in compliance with the laws, you have to wear one that meets or exceeds the standards set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218.

Fight negative connotations in motorcycle crash cases

Motorcyclists on the roadways are just trying to enjoy the lovely weather and open road this time of year. They should be able to do so safely without having to worry about other drivers who don't want to drive safely. This is a horrible reality for far too many bikers. We know that you never intended to be in a crash that wrecked your bike and injured you.

Motorcyclists deserve to remain safe on the roads

With the 4th of July holiday here, it is imperative that everyone is watching out for others on the highways. This is especially true for motorcyclists who are at an increased risk of being involved in accidents all year long. When there is an accident with these vehicles, the motorcyclists and any passengers are at risk of suffering from serious injuries or death.

Motorcycle crashes can devastate financially and physically

The warm weather of spring is the perfect time to get out on a motorcycle and enjoy the natural sights of the area. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle during the spring months might be very risky, because drivers have become unaccustomed to seeing them on the roads over the winter months. This means that you might need to be extra vigilant during the spring.

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