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Construction workers in North Carolina perform job duties that involve a range of different types of physical hazards. The risk of injury in the construction industry is higher than in other industries due to the physical nature of the work and the materials that are involved. Here are some of the most common workplace injuries that impact construction workers every day:

No. 1: Back injuries

Heavy lifting and repetitive motion can be a deadly combination for the spine. Back injuries are common on construction sites because workers are often required to carry heavy objects repeatedly. Falling from heights can also lead to serious back injuries.

No. 2: Head injuries

There’s a good reason everyone on a construction site is supposed to wear a hard hat. While workers are using equipment at heights, there is a risk of serious injury from falling objects. Even when headgear is worn, a heavy object falling from an extreme height could cause a concussion.

No. 3: Respiratory disease

There are still plenty of old buildings that contain asbestos, and construction workers can be exposed to it while it is being removed. Construction workers may also be exposed to other particles that can cause lung disease when they are inhaled.

No. 4: Hearing loss

Repeated exposure to extremely loud power tools and construction machinery can cause hearing loss. This construction-related injury happens slowly and gradually after many years of exposure.

No. 5: Muscle strains

Muscle strains are very common in the construction industry, and they are often caused by repetitive motion and poor lifting techniques. While not all muscle strains are severe, they all require rest in order to heal.

What to do if you have been injured on a construction site

Construction work is a physical job, so workplace accidents can place a financial burden on the injured worker and their family. If you were injured at a construction site, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your downtime through workers’ compensation insurance. A lawyer may be able to look at your case and help you to pursue the maximum compensation.