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Workplace Hazards for Machine Shop Workers

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries

Machine and metal workers in North Carolina know that their work environments present a considerable amount of risk to them daily. This potential danger makes it necessary for these workers to remain alert and aware while in the workplace.

A properly designed workplace and employees who understand safety protocol will do a lot to prevent the need for workers’ comp claims. However, some accidents that are common to the machine and metal shop environments will still happen from time to time.

Many injuries that happen in these work environments are the result of workers who use repetitive motions to lift and handle materials. These injuries usually consist of muscle strains and other minor injuries. Though painful, these strains do not often present a long-term health threat to the worker.

Machine and metal shop workers also face the risk of hurting themselves while working with hand tools. Workers should use tools only for the job they were designed to do, make sure the tools with which they work are properly maintained and adhere to all safety regulations regarding a particular hand tool. Strains are also common injuries sustained through the use of hand tools, but more serious injuries are possible.

Metal and machine shop workers face a threat from chemical hazards while in the workplace. Working with these substances is less dangerous when workers use the safety gear made available to them. It is also important for workers to ensure they are in an area that provides them with sufficient ventilation before working with chemicals.

Machine and metal shops should also use barriers to guard against workers coming into contact with dangerous machinery. These barriers can make a world of difference regarding the safety of the worksite and can protect workers from serious injuries. In addition to physical barriers, heavy machinery must receive proper maintenance to remain safe for workers to use.

Workplace hazards can result in injuries that affect the health of workers and hamper their ability to earn a living. Individuals with questions after suffering an injury in the workplace may find the answers they need by consulting with a personal injury attorney.