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Motorcyclists Can Die in Accidents Caused by Grass Clippings

Motorcyclists face some very serious risks when they are out riding, so they don’t need anyone to make their time on the road even more dangerous. People who are taking care of a property’s landscaping might not realize that they may be introducing a serious hazard for motorcyclists. This occurs when they blow grass clippings into the road.

With only two wheels, motorcycles require constant traction from both tires to be able to remain upright on the road. Grass clippings can cause that traction to be lost. This causes the motorcyclist to lose control and can lead to a wreck. Unfortunately, it is possible that these crashes will be fatal or produce very serious injuries.

Some bikers note that hitting grass clippings while you are on a motorcycle is the equivalent to hitting black ice. North Carolina law states that you can’t litter or place debris in the roadway, but this law doesn’t pertain to grass clippings. Some municipalities do have an ordinance against blowing the clippings into the road, so there is a chance that some people who do it will face fines or a misdemeanor charge.

Making the hazard a primary focus of an awareness campaign might help keep motorcyclists safe. This can help save lives and can mean that bikers are able to enjoy their ride without having to worry about this type of hazard when there are so many others they have to be concerned with.

For motorcyclists who are involved in a crash, finding out if another party can be held liable is vital. This lets them know whether they have the option of seeking compensation or not.