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Broken bones can occur in car crashes

| Oct 25, 2019 | Car Accidents, Car Accidents |

Car wrecks lead to many types of injuries, including fractures. These occur when one of the bones in the body is broken or cracked as a result of pressure put on them. This is an injury that is usually noticed at the accident site because it causes intense pain in the area of the break. You might also notice discoloration, and the bone might poke through the skin in more serious breaks.

The violent force of a crash can break even the largest bones in the body. Broken legs, including the femur, are common in car wrecks. It is also possible to break the neck or spinal cord, the pelvis, the arms and the clavicle.

The breastbone might also fracture, which can put some of your internal organs at risk of damage. This type of break is usually due to the body flinging forward and being stopped by the seat belt.

Skull fractures are also possible, and these are usually very serious. There is a good chance that the brain might have suffered damage in the crash. These fractures aren’t always easily noticed because there may not be any visible signs and a headache could be the only symptom.

A victim of a car wreck who has severe pain in an area might undergo a medical evaluation to determine what’s going on. This can include imaging scans, such as an x-ray or a CT scan. You may see an orthopedic doctor or surgeon who can evaluate the injury to let you know what needs to be done. This might involve surgery and wearing a cast.

The cost of medical care and the time you take off work might be costly. Seeking compensation for these could help you to recoup those damages, as well as others you might face.


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