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Loud Pipes Don’t Really Help With Modern Cars

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are always looking for ways to stay safe on the road. They are well aware of the fact that other drivers tend to make mistakes that put them in the hospital.

Often, the issue is that the driver does not see the motorcycle at all. The bike may be black, so it blends into the road. It is smaller than a typical passenger car. Drivers aren’t looking for the motorcycle. It may be moving quickly. All of these factors can lead to accidents.

In some cases, riders make the argument that they need louder bikes. A common saying is “loud pipes save lives.” The idea is that a loud exhaust system ensures that drivers hear you. Even if they don’t see you, they know you’re around.

This may help to a small degree, but it’s really not as helpful with modern cars as it may have been in previous generations. Cars used to have much more of an open feel, where you could really hear the road noise. Today, a quiet cabin is something buyers crave, so manufacturers have done all they can to eliminate road noise. Entire advertising campaigns have been built around just how peaceful and quiet a car can be.

On top of that, drivers have more options than ever before for music, audiobooks, podcasts and the like. They pick what they listen to. Combine that with a soundproof cabin, and there is no way they’re really listening to the pipes on a passing motorcycle.

What this means is that serious accidents can happen to any rider, and those who get hurt need to know what rights they have to compensation.