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Manufacturing Plant Employees Face Daily Dangers at Work

On Behalf of | May 6, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

People who work in the manufacturing industry often have serious hazards around them as a regular part of their job duties. Companies must ensure that their employees have the proper safety tools and procedures in place to help reduce the risks that come with these hazards. Unfortunately, not all do, and it is the workers who suffer when there are work-related accidents.

One of the most significant hazards that these workers have to face is the moving machinery that they work around. There is a chance that body parts or clothing might become caught in the moving components. This can lead to crushing injuries, lacerations and amputations. It is imperative that workers who operate these machines are properly trained on the safety guidelines for them. Nobody who is around machinery with moving parts should wear loose clothing, have unsecured hair or wear jewelry.

Many manufacturing plants have vehicles and other equipment that moves about the building. Drivers of these must be careful to avoid striking workers, but the workers must ensure that they are remaining out of the way. One thing that might help is to have clearly marked lanes for the motorized equipment. It might also help to have a spotter present at all time to help guide the operator and warn individuals to move out of the way.

Any plant worker who is injured in an accident at work should remember that employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. This will cover your medical care and can also provide other benefits, but you might have to fight for them. Sometimes, decisions aren’t made correctly, and appeals are necessary.