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Road Construction Sites Must Have Proper Safety Procedures

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | Construction Accidents, Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries

Road construction workers place their safety in the hands of drivers daily. Because these workers have such dangerous jobs already, they don’t need anything to make their time at work any more difficult. It is imperative that drivers and construction companies do what they can to reduce the risks.

There are several things that might help. All of them revolve around proper training and taking the road conditions into account.

Train employees

Employees, even those who come from other road construction companies, should have to go through a safety orientation. This gives the company a chance to ensure that they know the safety protocol of the company. It is also a good idea to have continuing education programs to help reinforce the standards. This might not be a good option for days when the weather isn’t appropriate for regular activities.

Provide proper safety equipment

Safety equipment is a must at construction sites. There are a few common types to consider. Workers should wear brightly colored vests that make it easy for motorists to see them. It can also assist other workers, especially those who are operating heavy machinery, to see them while they are working.

Hardhats are a good safety tool for construction workers in some cases. They are especially important for those who are working on the ground around cranes and other machines. Steel toe boots are also a good idea.

Placing barriers between the workers and the moving traffic is important, but it might not be feasible in all cases. Things like water-filled barriers, concrete barriers, and guard rails are examples of what might be helpful to prevent cars from slamming into workers.

Place signage to alert motorists

Well in advance of the worksite, motorists need to know that there are people working ahead. Placing proper signage ahead of where employees are on the road is imperative. These might be the orange signs, but it can also include digital signs.

Have a plan for injuries

There is going to come a time when a construction worker will suffer an injury. There should be a plan in place for when this does happen. Ideally, someone at the site will be trained in first aid and there will be at least a basic kit to care for employees as well as possible until emergency help arrives if needed.

Workers who suffer serious injuries can turn to workers’ compensation for medical care benefits. When you can’t come back to work right away, you may qualify for temporary disability benefits as well.