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Neck Pain and Stiffness Can Signal an Injury After a Wreck

Many different injuries can stem from a car crash. One that is possible is a neck injury. Oftentimes, a person who is involved in this type of accident will end up with whiplash or a strained neck. There are a few misconceptions out there about this issue.

One thing that you need to know if you think you have whiplash is that you might not realize it right away. This injury usually isn’t noticeable right away. Instead, it will be at least a day, possibly longer, before you start to feel the pain and stiffness in your neck.

In the past, it was believed that the best treatment for whiplash was to keep the neck immobilized until the pain and stiffness began to abate. It is now known that moving the neck around as soon as possible after the accident can help reduce the pain that you will feel.

When you feel the stiffness that comes with whiplash, you need to seek medical care. This can help ensure that there isn’t anything more serious going on. The doctor can then set up a treatment plan for you.

The treatment for whiplash usually includes physical therapy and medication management to control inflammation and pain. In some cases, a neck brace is worn for short periods of time to give the neck a chance to rest for a little while.

While many people think whiplash isn’t a serious condition, it might interfere with your ability to work. This can reduce your income during a time when you have more medical bills coming in. You do have the option of seeking compensation to help you cover the costs of the injury and other accident damages.