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Driving Close to Home? You Might Be at Risk of a Crash

Even the safest driver might be involved in an accident at some point. This is because everyone on the road can be impacted by every other vehicle operator who is out at the same time. One person who is distracted or driving in an unsafe manner can cause crashes that injure or kill others.

There are some conditions that are more dangerous than others. Anyone who is going to venture out needs to be aware of these few things.

Type of road

You might assume that busy city roads are the most dangerous. Even though these can be the most nerve-wracking, they are actually safer than rural roads. You are more likely to be involved in a fatal crash on a rural road than on one in the city. No matter how much traffic is on the road, you should pay close attention to what’s going on so that you can react appropriately.

Time of day

The time that you leave can have an impact on the risk that you face. More accidents occur in the afternoon and evening hours, partially due to the uptick in traffic when people are going home from work, picking up school children, and running errands. Driving after dark is another risky time. If possible, try to plan on doing your driving in the morning and early afternoon before 3 p.m.

Proximity to home

Most people are involved in crashes within 25 miles of home. One reason for this is that people tend to go on autopilot when they are on familiar roads. For some people, getting home and realizing that they don’t remember the drive is a common phenomenon. Even when you know the area, you still need to be (even more) careful. Try to stay alert as you drive so you aren’t increasing your risk of being involved in a crash.

Remember to buckle up before you leave home. This can increase your chance of making it out of an accident alive. Even when you are driving safely, other drivers might not be doing the same. Being proactive can improve your safety on the road.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding the crash, you need to ensure that you are remaining safe after the wreck. Get the medical help that you need and work to preserve your right to seek compensation.