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Should You Be Covered by Workers’ Compensation if You’re Hurt?

If you get hurt while you’re at work, you’ll likely be entitled to workers’ compensation. This is a form of compensation designed for employees.

As an employee, it is a good idea to know if your employer carries workers’ compensation. The North Carolina Industrial Commission does keep track of who has insurance and has a search engine you can use to find your employer online. You can even search by injury date to make sure you get the coverage you were entitled to at that time.

What should you do when you get hurt on the job?

Immediately after you get hurt, you need to let your employer know about the injury. If you are badly hurt, there may be no time to do so, so it’s okay to head to the hospital first.

After this, you or someone at the hospital can inform your employer of the injury. At this point, make it clear that the injury happened on the job. You should tell your health care provider that you were injured at work, which helps them begin a workers’ compensation claim billing structure.

Within 30 days of the accident, you must provide a written statement to your employer stating the date of the accident as well as a description of what happened. If you can’t write it, then your family or friends may do so.

Finally, follow your physician’s orders, so you can begin the healing process. You should hear from the workers’ compensation system quickly following the incident, so you can begin to receive compensation for lost wages and your medical care.