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Road Construction Zones Are Hazardous for Workers

Road construction zones are very dangerous areas for the workers, partially because of the vehicles zipping around them on the roads. This is why there are usually reduced speed limits when these workers are out. Even though it might seem like cars are the largest hazard, they actually come in second on the list of causes of fatalities.

When any driver goes through a work zone, they must be extra cautious. All the workers in the area must also use proper safety rules to ensure that they are keeping themselves and others out of harm’s way. Here are some of the most common accident types that can be fatal for these laborers:

Heavy equipment is the biggest hazard

Being run over or backed over by construction vehicles is the leading cause of worker deaths in road construction zones. Operators of large vehicles, particularly dump trucks, must ensure that they know where others are while moving the equipment. Some companies might require the use of spotters to increase safety. It isn’t always easy to maneuver these large trucks and other equipment in the tight spaces afforded by the working conditions, so everyone near them needs to watch out for what’s going on.

Behind heavy equipment backovers and runovers, which account for around 48 percent of fatalities, come vehicle collisions. These are responsible for about 14 percent of all deaths of workers on foot in construction zones. Next on the list is being caught between objects or being struck by them, which is also the cause of around 14 percent of worker deaths.

Lost time and catastrophic injuries

Workers who survive accidents are likely going to need intensive medical care. Lost time at work and other life impacts are common in these cases. For these laborers, the lack of a paycheck is often very stressful. For those who have to miss considerable time from work, the workers’ compensation program may help them recover some of the money they aren’t earning. It will also pay for necessary and reasonable medical care required to treat, maintain or monitor the injuries.

Receiving workers’ compensation sometimes takes a bit of effort. You might realize that you aren’t getting the benefits you should. This could trigger an appeal, which must be handled in a precise manner to remain in compliance with regulations for the program.