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Emergency Medical Service Workers Face Specific Risks

Emergency medical services (EMS) workers are at great risk of injury. These individuals qualify for workers’ compensation if they are injured. There is a special fund that is meant to help provide compensation for these workers if they are members of the North Carolina Association of Rescue and Emergency Medical Services, Inc.

On the job, EMS workers face a host of different challenges that can lead to injuries. One of the biggest risks they have is handling patients. They often have to move in ways that aren’t conducive to normal body mechanics. Even though there are assistive devices, such as gurneys, that can help EMS workers carry patients, there are times when these can’t be used.

Another risk to these workers is slips, falls, and trips. Since these workers perform their job duties in all weather conditions, it isn’t uncommon to be exposed to slippery pavement, curbs and other obstacles. Even on a sunny day, they might face hazards like holes in the ground.

Exposure to needle sticks and other bodily fluids are another major issue. In fact, this is the second most common cause of emergency room visits for these workers.

Fortunately, there are many ways that employers can reduce the risk for their employees. One of these is providing proper safety equipment. When a worker is injured, ensuring they get the proper care must be a priority.

Injured workers should apply for workers’ compensation coverage to get their medical bills covered. They might also need temporary partial wage replacement if they can’t return to work right away. Experienced North Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys can provide worthwhile guidance.