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Semi-Truck Hazards Come in a Variety of Types

The roads around North Carolina are full of big rigs hauling goods all over the place. These large, heavy vehicles have an important part in the nation’s commerce, but they can be a huge hazard. When semi-trucks aren’t properly maintained or the truckers don’t drive safely, innocent motorists and their passengers are at risk of being injured or even killed.

It is imperative the only semi-trucks that are functioning properly are put on the roads. Any issues with them could be catastrophic. Every part of the truck has to be working in order for the trucker to be able to drive it safely.

A bald tire can explode. Shrapnel might hit another car or the trucker might lose control of the vehicle. Brakes not working means the truck can’t be stopped when necessary. A malfunctioning hitch could lead to the trailer coming loose from the truck.

The trucker’s actions could lead to accidents, too. A trucker who is too fatigued to drive or who isn’t giving his attention to the road could crash into another vehicle. If the trucker is having to rush to make an unrealistic deadline, he or she might take risks that are dangerous. In some cases, the blame for the accident might seem to fall on the driver, but the trucking company might hold at least a portion of it.

If you are struck by a semi-truck, one of the primary things that you have to do is determine the cause of the crash. Once you do this, you will have a better idea of who you can hold liable for the damages that you suffered in the crash.

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