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The Implications of a Car Accident While Hauling a Boat

When you are hauling your boat on the back of your car, you are at a much higher risk of being involved in an accident. This is because of the length of your vehicle, and the weight distribution. The trailer can very easily sway or become unstable with a slightly incorrect movement of the vehicle, or with excessive speed.

When you are injured or suffer damages in an accident involving your boat trailer, understanding coverage can be difficult. It’s important to understand the law in North Carolina and learn about your responsibilities when it comes to your boat.

How can I avoid a trailer accident?

Before operating your vehicle, it is important that you know the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of your vehicle. This is so that you know how much the vehicle can carry in total, after factoring in passengers. Compare this figure to the Gross Trailer Weight (GTW). You should not drive with a trailer that is too heavy for the vehicle.

Am I covered under my insurance if I hit a car when towing my boat?

Whether you are covered under your auto insurance will depend on the terms of your particular insurance. However, in most cases, it will usually only be covered if you have specifically listed it on your insurance policy. In this case, it is likely that medical payments and damages will be covered in your insurance policy.

If you can prove that the damage was caused by the wrongdoing of another, you may be able to get damages back from your home insurance, in addition. It is always wise to consider additional coverage when hauling your boat.

If you have had an accident while hauling your boat, it is important to take action immediately so that you can understand your legal rights.