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Not All Semi-Truck Crashes Are the Trucker’s Fault

The large semi-trucks on the roads come in a variety of styles. From tanker trucks and enclosed trailers to car haulers and other types, it is imperative that the men and women who operate them are doing so in a safe manner. While it is easy to always place the blame on the truckers for these accidents, they might not actually be the ones at fault for them.

One possible cause of a semi-truck crash that may not have anything to do with the trucker is improper maintenance of the truck or trailer. When things like the coupling system or brakes aren’t properly cared for, there is a chance that there might be an accident. The brakes failing could lead to a rear-end crash. A failed coupling can lead to the trailer coming off the rig.

Sometimes, accidents are caused by improperly secured loads. This is a very serious danger because the heavy objects being hauled can shift and cause the trucker to lose control. In some cases, they might come off the truck and strike another vehicle. Even liquid loads can cause problems if they aren’t handled properly.

Trucking companies can sometimes cause accidents if they set unrealistic deadlines for the truckers. They need to take the conditions that might occur on the route and the need for the driver to stop for rest breaks into account. Trying to push for delivery times that are too fast can lead to them rushing and driving while fatigued or having to drive in an unsafe manner in an attempt to make the delivery window.

In all of these cases, you would turn to the liable entity for compensation. This might include the trucker in some, but the other parties would also be named.