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Common Workplace Injuries Must Be Considered for Safety Plans

Workplace injuries don’t have to be part of the job. Instead, workers should be able to carry out their job duties and make it home safely at the end of the day. It is up to the employers to ensure that they are creating a safe work environment for employees.

There are some injuries that are more common than others. Knowing which ones might occur may help employers to ensure that they are doing what needs to be done to keep everyone safe. Here are the most common workplace injuries that occur:

Falls, trips, and slips

Workers who trip, slip or fall can suffer serious injuries. While some of these injuries happen in ground-level falls, many of these occur at falls from heights. It is imperative that all employers provide protection from these types of incidents. Workers need to get training for working above ground level. Harness systems or other fall arrest devices should also be provided.

Work areas should be free from things that might cause a worker to trip. Cords and other hazards should be either secured or warnings should be posted. Things that might lead to slips, e.g., water on floors, should be cleaned promptly or appropriate signage should be put up.

Injuries from machinery

Machinery is necessary to complete many jobs, but they can be very hazardous. People who have to work on or around the machinery should receive proper training. Safety protocols, such as having spotters for mobile equipment like forklifts, can help minimize the risk of accidents occurring. Any safety-critical incidents should be addressed immediately, even if nobody got hurt, as this might help prevent future issues.

Cumulative trauma injuries

Cumulative trauma injuries are the ones that occur during workers’ normal job duties. One of the more common of these is carpal tunnel syndrome, a common malady from which cashiers and factory workers often suffer due to repetitive hand motions.

Workplace violence

Another common cause of workplace injuries is violence. There should be clear, strict policies in place that forbid workplace violence from occurring. Even when the attacker isn’t another worker, it is still up to the employer to keep workers safe. When there is a chance of things getting physical, e.g., at nightclubs, there should be security in place to thwart these possibilities. The same is true when there are events that might lead to stampeding crowds.