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Are You Safe Renting a Segway in Wilmington?

If you come to visit Wilmington, North Carolina, you can rent a Segway and tour the area. It’s a fun experience — a great way to see the town in a way you normally would not. You can cover far more ground than you would on a walking tour, but you are not stuck in traffic like you are on a bus tour. You can slow down and take it all in.

But are you safe? They’ll give you a crash course in how to ride a Segway when you show up, but this is probably your first time ever doing it. Is that enough training to ensure that you do not lose control, veer off of the sidewalk, and get struck by a car?

Below are a few tips for riding a Segway that may help:

  • Never make any abrupt turns or maneuvers
  • Always ride forward, not backward
  • Stay off of the street except when carefully using crosswalks
  • Wear a helmet at all times
  • Use a spotter whenever you get on or off
  • Read through the entire user manual before your first ride
  • Put on bright, reflective clothes so that drivers can see you
  • Do not speed; if the Segway tells you to slow down, do it
  • Pay close attention to the “Stick Shake Warning,” which is a safety feature for when you’re going too fast, the terrain is too rough or something else of that nature

If you do get in an accident, ask yourself just how well the company prepared you to ride a Segway. If you did not get proper training or safety gear, for instance, you may be able to seek compensation.

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