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Tanker Trucks Are Important but Very Dangerous

Truckers have to be very careful as they operate the big rigs that help to carry goods all across this country. It is especially important that they drive safely when they are transporting loads that can shift. These are very common in tanker trucks.

You might see tanker trucks near you on the interstate and not think anything of it, but these trucks are very dangerous and can cause serious accidents. When these tanks are loaded, they must be loaded properly and the baffle system on the interior of the tank must be the appropriate type for the load. These baffles can help to defray the movement when it sloshes about.

The drivers have to be careful not to slosh the liquid around too much. This means not making any sudden maneuvers with the truck. Sharp turns at higher speeds can cause the trailer to move uncontrollably. The same goes for stopping suddenly or jerking when the truck starts to move after a stop.

Believe it or not, the majority of tanker accidents occur when there is only a partial load in the tank. More than half of accidents that involved a rollover of a tanker truck had a brake defect. This is why proper maintenance is imperative for these trucks and tanks.

Being involved in an accident with a tanker truck can mean that you suffer from serious injuries. Some of these can be lifelong, which is especially troubling. You might decide that you are going to seek compensation after one of these accidents. Be sure you plan your case and take action quickly.

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