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Workers Must Stay Safe in Road Construction Zones

Road construction workers face many of the same risks as workers in other areas, but they also face the risk of drivers slamming into them as they are doing their jobs. This can lead to tragedies, but there are ways that these workers and their employers might be able to increase the safety of these workers.

One thing that is important to remember when you are trying to improve safety in road construction zones is that you have to alert drivers to the situation. Using signage, traffic cones and barrels can let them know there is a hazard. Signage should clearly state that workers are out on the road and that reduced speed limits are in effect.

Another thing that workers need to do is to wear brightly colored clothing, preferably with reflective properties. This can make it easier to see when they are working, especially if it is dark.

All construction workers should wear appropriate personal protection equipment. This could mean anything from hard hats to steel toe shoes. All of these items can help protect the worker from being injured in an accident. It should be clear that workers must wear the appropriate gear at all times without fail. Employers should make sure that they have the right items readily available.

Workers must have established plans and protocols for working around the heavy machinery that is present in these work zones. There are some pretty large blind spots that the workers must avoid. Having systems in place, such as using guides for heavy machine operators, can help prevent someone from being run over or from being crushed by these vehicles.

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