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Hold All Liable Parties Accountable in Semitruck Wrecks

Semitruck accidents can be devastating to the victims who were just trying to go about their normal lives. Most people don’t have enough savings to cover multiple months of missed work and high medical bills that can result from these crashes. Unfortunately, the victims are usually the ones that have to deal with the dire financial consequences after a semitruck accident.

We know that you don’t want to go broke or struggle financially when your first priority should be healing from the traumatic injuries you suffered. We can help you seek compensation from the parties who can be held liable for the crash.

Some people don’t realize how complicated it can be to determine who to name as defendants in truck accident cases. The trucker might seem like the obvious choice, but that person isn’t always the only defendant with liability. What about the trucking company or the insurance company?

Things get even more challenging when another motorist caused the crash. Even if that driver was only one of many involved in the crash, that person might also bear some liability. It is imperative that we learn all the possible parties to hold accountable.

Semitruck wrecks aren’t typically open-and-shut cases where the liability is clear. You must be familiar with the laws governing semitrucks and personal injury claims in North Carolina. You also need to know about the federal regulations that govern these commercial vehicles. We can put all of this together to help you build your personal injury case and advance it through the North Carolina civil court system.