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Some Workplace Injuries Are More Common Than Others

On-the-job incidents cause problems for employees because they are often unable to return to their duties right away. Sometimes, individuals will try to push through pain or discomfort, but this is never a smart idea. Instead, everyone should be able to count on the workers’ compensation system to provide benefits that can allow them to remain home during the healing process.

There are some types of job injuries that are more common than others. These are the ones that everyone needs to watch for and employers should try to prevent on the job site. Here are a few notable ones to know:

Repetitive motion and exertion

Having to make the same motions with the body for prolonged periods on a regular basis can put stress on the muscles, tendons, and joints that are being used. Another similar issue is exertion. In both cases, the injuries will likely start out as very minor. It might even feel a bit better after you get some rest. The problem is that as time progresses, the injury will likely become worse. It is always best to get medical care for possible issues because this might prevent them from worsening.

Walking into things

Unfortunately, people don’t always have their attention on what they are doing. Any distractions can lead to workers walking right into things. In some cases, these accidents can lead to foot, head and knee injuries. Employers should emphasize that everyone should to pay attention when walking about.

Falling objects

Things can fall in workplaces of all sorts. Even offices might have storage shelves or bookcases that have items higher than head level. These items falling can lead to head, neck and shoulder injuries. If the objects are heavy, the on-the-job accident might end up being fatal.

Machinery mishaps

Machines used in factories and other places can be very dangerous. Only people who are trained to work on the equipment should use it. Everyone must be careful to ensure that they don’t get clothing caught up in the moving components.

Slipping and tripping

Items on the ground and substances on the floor might lead to trips and slips. The best way to combat this is to make sure that all hazards are removed or clearly marked. Some workers might need to wear slip-resistant shoes to minimize the risk of slipping. Injuries can also occur if a fall doesn’t happen because of the motion used to prevent it.