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Distracted and Drowsy Drivers Are a Serious Problem

Drivers should always be ready to react to unexpected situations on the roads. Unfortunately, people who are distracted or fatigued aren’t going to be able to do this. Instead, they are likely not going to do anything at all or will react so slowly that they can’t avoid an accident.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic is on the road. Safety has to be a priority for all drivers. This means that they need to focus on their driving and ensure they are in physical and mental shape to drive.

Drowsiness is too common

Drowsy drivers are more common than what many people realize. One in 25 adult drivers surveyed noted that they had fallen asleep at the wheel in the past 30 days. These drivers aren’t only those who didn’t sleep well the night prior. There are many factors that can cause a driver to get drowsy. Sleep disorders, medications, and driving along monotonous routes all contribute to drowsy driving.

Distracted drivers are also a big problem. Most people don’t realize the scope of what distracts a driver. It is easy to focus on factors like cellphone usage since it is one of the most common distractions these days, but this is far from the only one. Eating and drinking, putting on makeup, changing the radio station and looking at billboards are also culprits. For some drivers, chatting with others in the vehicle causes a problem.

Addressing the issues

North Carolina laws aim to address the issues that cause unsafe conditions on the roads. For example, teen drivers are only given limited driving privileges until they turn 18. This works to get the drivers some experience with handling driving tasks in a semi-controlled environment.

Each driver has to take responsibility for his or her own choices when behind the wheel. Making it a point to only drive when alert, fully cognizant and giving their attention solely to the road are instrumental steps to stay safe.

When there is an accident caused by distractions or drowsiness, there is a chance for catastrophic injuries. The victims in these wrecks will need medical care. Ultimately, they might opt to pursue claims for compensation to help cover the costs of the crash.