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A Big Rig Crash Can Have Long-Term and Short-Term Impacts

Until you are hit by a semitruck, you don’t truly realize the amount of emotional trauma and physical injuries you can suffer. Even though people have seen stories, the situation is much more complex when it happens to you. We know that you have a lot on your plate now that you are trying to live your life and having to handle the matters related to the crash.

One thing that you might not have realized is just how long it takes to heal after serious injuries like those that can occur when a big rig slams into your vehicle. Some injuries, such as those to the spinal cord, might not ever heal completely. Others, including brain injuries, can have short-term and long-term effects.

Because of the severity of the situation, you might not be able to return to work immediately. This adds another layer of complexity to the matter because you have to figure out how to pay your bills. Frustration and desperation might be the result since you know you can’t let things slide just because you are injured.

You do have the option of seeking compensation for the impacts of the accident. A personal injury claim after an 18-wheeler crash enables you to hold the liable parties accountable for the effects of the wreck. This isn’t an easy process, but we are here to help you protect your interests and work toward a resolution.

Some of the damages you might consider asking them to repay to you include medical expenses and lost wages. Modifications you’ve had to make because of the injury might be compensable. You might also be able to seek money for pain and suffering. We will review your case and help you learn what types of damages might be suitable to include in your claim.