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Understand the Purpose of Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Being injured at work can sometimes be catastrophic. When there are serious injuries, workers might need extensive medical care. They might not be able to return to work. This situation can be difficult to deal with because of the increase in expenses and a decrease in income. This is where workers’ compensation comes into the picture.

We understand that you might not really want to have to deal with the workers’ compensation issue. There are times when this is a very long process. Still, knowing that your medical bills are covered and that you are going to receive partial wage replacement if you can’t return to work right away might be worth the effort.

Workers’ compensation costs are considered a normal business expense in North Carolina. The cost of the policy can’t be passed on to workers, so your employer might even try to dissuade you from claiming workers’ compensation benefits for fear of having to pay an increase in the premiums for the coverage. This isn’t acceptable.

Any worker who is injured at work should find out if they qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Employers can’t fire you simply because you sought benefits.

It is imperative that you learn about what benefits you should be entitled to. This gives you something to compare the offer you receive to. If you don’t feel like your claim is being handled appropriately, you do have the option of appealing. This is a time-sensitive process, so don’t waste time before you get the appeal in. If you aren’t sure what to do, we can help you with the entire process.