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Types of Car Accidents That Will Benefit You to Know About

The tourist seasons in North Carolina bring a large influx of traffic into the area. This means that everyone needs to be prepared for driving in these conditions. There are many different types of accidents that take place when drivers aren’t paying full attention to the conditions.

The type of accident that you are involved in can have a direct impact on the injuries you suffer and the damage to your vehicle. It is imperative that you understand some basic points about different types of accidents.

Side impact crashes

Side impact crashes usually occur at intersections. These involve the front of one vehicle striking the side of another vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle struck can suffer serious injuries. This is especially true for the person who is the closest to the point of impact.

Slow speed crashes

Crashes that occur within the city limits are often slow-speed crashes. While it is often thought that these aren’t as serious as high speed crashes, they can still lead to profound impacts on the people who are injured. Some of the injuries may not become evident until after the injured person leaves the scene of the crash. You should be especially vigilant to watch for signs of whiplash or a brain injury.

High-speed crashes

High-speed crashes can lead to serious, or even fatal, injuries. These usually occur on interstates and highways, but can also happen on city streets if a person is speeding. These may be one-car accidents caused when a person loses control of the vehicle and strikes something.

Head-on crashes

Head-on crashes are extremely serious. These might lead to fatalities if the accident occurs at a high speed, such as on the interstate. Many head-on crashes are the result of an impaired or distracted driver not paying attention to the flow of traffic.

In all of these cases, the victims of the accident might need to seek medical care. If there are any injuries, contact emergency services for medical care and to file a report with the applicable police department. When another driver is at fault for the crash, you might need to consider taking action to recover the financial losses you experienced.