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Medial Collateral Ligament Injuries Can Be Devastating

Many different injuries can occur when you are at work, but knee injuries are some of the most troubling. These affect how you are able to walk and move about. Knee injuries often come with great pain and can sometimes require surgery.

The medial collateral ligament is one of the stabilizing forces in the knee. When this ligament is injured or torn, the knee isn’t as stable as what is should be. These injuries are a bit different from the anterior cruciate ligament because the MCL has a rich blood supply. Here are some points to know about injuries to the MCL:

3 grades of injury

Injuries to the MCL are graded based on how much damage there is to the fibers in the ligament. A grade I injury is an elongation where the fibers were stretched but most of them are still intact. A grade II is a little worse because most of the fibers are torn but some remain together. A grade III injury is a rupture that is fully torn. Even the least serious of these can lead to pain and difficulties moving the joint.

While it is possible that the less serious injuries might not require surgery, a grade III will always need surgical correction if you are going to have any chance at having a stable knee joint.

In the less serious injuries, surgery might still be necessary if there are other structures in the knee that were injured. In these cases, reconstruction could be necessary.

Recovery from this injury

Whether you need to have surgery or not, you will have to go through a healing process. Typically, this will include having to wear a knee brace or stent to protect the area while it is healing. Physical therapy is also usually part of the process.

There is a good chance that you will have to remain off work while this type of injury heals. This can have an impact on your income, but workers’ compensation benefits can help if the injury was caused by something that happened at work. It doesn’t matter if the injury was the result of an accident or cumulative trauma, you might still be able to get these benefits to help with your medical care and partial wage replacement.